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Bae Suzy at Burberry Seoul Flagship Store Opening Event.

Suzy Revealed Her Favorite Actress "Jennifer Lawrence" and Wanted to Get Role Like Her

12.27.16 | 12:07PM EST

In an interview in Hong Kong, Bae Suzy said that she is a big fan of Jennifer Lawrence. She likes her character in Silver Lining Playbook and wanted to get role like her. Getting a great success, she is so humble and want to get more roles in acting.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Cuts Boyfriend Drama Before Oscar 2016, Prays For Good Karma For ‘Joy’

Trending News 02.24.16 | 01:50AM EST

Jennifer Lawrence has been keeping her cool leading up to Oscar 2016. She has been choosing to hang out with friends and not any of her rumored boyfriend material.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Lets Go At Adele Concert Before Donating $2 Million To Children’s Hospital

Trending News 02.15.16 | 05:10AM EST

Leading up to Oscar season, the actress has been attempting to stay out of the public's eye, but going out to Adele concert and giving $2 million to a children's hospital is a sure-fire way of attracting people's attention!

Jennifer Lawrence at the

Jennifer Lawrence Covers Chris Evans Dating Rumors With Brie Larson Oscar Rivalry?

Trending News 01.30.16 | 03:44PM EST

Jennifer Lawrence may be covering Chris Evans dating rumors with her Oscar rivalry with Brie Larson.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Dating Chris Evans, ‘Captain America’ Boyfriend Material For Oscar Winner?

Trending News 01.26.16 | 02:10AM EST

Jennifer Lawrence may be dating Chris Evans!

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Dating Life Dwindles Despite Golden Globes Fame And Another Oscar Nomination

Trending News 01.17.16 | 05:27PM EST

Jennifer Lawrence has the stars on her side when it comes to career, but not her dating life.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence ‘Vulnerable Mess’ With Liam Hemsworth, Receives Golden Globe 2016 Nomination

Trending News 12.18.15 | 05:39AM EST

Jennifer Lawrence admitted that she often finds herself in a "vulnerable mess" in working.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Too Busy For SAG, Juggles Liam Hemsworth And Nicholas Hoult This Holiday Season?

Trending News 12.10.15 | 06:10AM EST

Jennifer Lawrence got totally snubbed by SAG this year, but she may be too busy for it anyway.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Wants David O Russell Until Death, Ex Nicholas Hoult Wants Relationship Back

Trending News 12.01.15 | 01:20AM EST

Jennifer Lawrence is willing to dish about certain aspects of her life more than others.

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus at Relativity Media's

Miley Cyrus Liam Hemsworth Reunion Prevented By Jared Leto And Jennifer Lawrence?

Trending News 11.26.15 | 01:35PM EST

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth shippers may have to give up their dreams of seeing the pair together again. According to new rumors, the former couple may have moved on already with Jared Leto and Jennifer Lawrence respectively.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Dealt With Chris Pratt New Movie Sex Scene By Getting ‘Really Drunk’

Trending News 11.23.15 | 02:00AM EST

Jennifer Lawrence may be an Oscar winner, but that doesn't mean that she feels totally confident at all times.

Jennifer Lawrence at

Jennifer Lawrence Mortified By Sex Scene with Anna Faris Husband Chris Pratt? Details Released!

Trending News 11.20.15 | 10:34AM EST

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were not the only to have been affected the movie “Passengers” with Oscar-winning actress, Jennifer Lawrence. According to the “Mockingjay Part 2” actress, she reportedly felt guilty doing a sex scene with the married actor.

x-men apocalypse trailer

Jennifer Lawrence Brushes Up Flirting On Olly Murs But Eyes Nicholas Hoult And Liam Hemsworth?

Trending News 11.16.15 | 01:50AM EST

The world is handing Jennifer Lawrence with so many opportunities to brush up on her flirting skills.

x-men apocalypse characters

Jennifer Lawrence Wants To Get Back Together With Nicholas Hoult But Liam Hemsworth Stands In Way?

Trending News 11.09.15 | 01:00AM EST

Jennifer Lawrence may be aching to get back together with her ex Nicholas Hoult, but it looks like her feelings for Liam Hemsworth are standing in the way of this reunion.

jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Dating: Chris Pratt Worships ‘Hunger Games’ Actress As Liam Hemsworth Pursues

Trending News 11.03.15 | 02:49AM EST

Jennifer Lawrence is surrounded by the cutest men of Hollywood like Chris Pratt and Liam Hemsworth, but she isn’t batting an eyelid.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Dating News: Josh Hutcherson And Liam Hemsworth Compete Post Chris Martin Split?

Trending News 10.26.15 | 01:00AM EDT

Jennifer Lawrence has many boys vying for her attention after her breakup with Chris Martin.

Liam Hemsworth at the 2015 Zurich Film Festival.

Liam Hemsworth Speaks Up On Dating Amid Maika Monroe Rumors, Talks About Miley Cyrus Love!

Trending News 10.16.15 | 12:41PM EDT

Liam Hemsworth recently opened up about dating amid rumors linking him to Maika Monroe and Jennifer Lawrence. During the interview though, only one woman’s name came up in the conversation – Miley Cyrus.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence’s Ex-Beau Chris Martin Spends Bonds With His And Gwyneth Paltrow's

Trending News 10.15.15 | 10:35PM EDT

Jennifer Lawrence’s Ex-Beau Chris Martin Spends Bonds With Son From Gwyneth Paltrow!

x-men apocalypse plot

Jennifer Lawrence Dating News: Liam Hemsworth Reveals Abs Before ‘Hunger Games’ Promo Tour

Trending News 10.08.15 | 07:56PM EDT

Jennifer Lawrence may be trying new things on her dating front now that the final installation of "Hunger Games" is coming out soon.

Liam Hemsworth.

Liam Hemsworth Speed Dates Amid Maika Monroe Rumors? Shares Dating Advice On 'The Muppets'?

Trending News 10.06.15 | 09:08PM EDT

Amid rumors he is dating Maika Monroe, Liam Hemsworth tried out speed dating and even came to the aid of a friend for his guest appearance on an episode of “The Muppets.”

Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth

Jennifer Lawrence Dating Liam Hemsworth After Chris Martin Split? Actress Leans On Miley Cyrus' Ex

Trending News 10.03.15 | 09:38PM EDT

Rumors about Jennifer Lawrence dating Liam Hemsworth have started now that the actress has split with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin.


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