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Is Jessica Being Kicked Out Of Girls' Generation? SNSD Will Now Promote As Eight Members

Hot Issues 09.29.14 | 11:29PM EDT

Questions arise as to whether SNSD’s Jessica was in New York City with rumored boyfriend Tyler Kwon while Weibo posts were made stating that she was kicked out of the group.


Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Shows Off Blanc In Cosmopolitan China

Hot Issues 08.27.14 | 08:57AM EDT

Idol member Jessica promotes Blanc in Cosmopolitan China.

Jessica and Krystal

5 K-Pop Reality Shows We’d Watch

Features 08.23.14 | 12:49PM EDT

Korean TV is already full of fantastic reality shows, but we've got some more ideas for idol reality entertainment.

Jessica & Krystal Share A Special Event That Leads To Endless Tears

Jessica & Krystal Share A Special Event That Leads To Endless Tears

Stars on TV / Movies 08.07.14 | 10:49AM EDT

Girl group f(x) Krystal made Girls' Generation Jessica cry with a special event.

Jessica and Krystal

Girls' Generation Jessica and f(x) Krystal Are The New Faces For Fashion Brand Lapalette

Headlines 08.06.14 | 10:13PM EDT

Jessica and Krystal become the new faces for 'Lapalette'


TaeTiSeo In Talks To Have Their Own Reality Show And Suggest A Comeback Is Not Far Off

Headlines 07.29.14 | 07:22AM EDT

Girls' Generation fans are excited to see what's in store for the trio

Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation Member Update: Japan Tour Complete + Photo Shoots

Headlines 07.20.14 | 11:22PM EDT

K-Pop sensation Girls' Generation is keeping very busy!


f(x) Member Update: YouTube Reacts To 'Red Light' + Bible Controversy

Headlines 07.17.14 | 06:28AM EDT

K-Pop girl group f(x) has been making headlines with their latest comeback

Victoria And Luna Enjoys A Meal At Jessica&Krystal

f(x) Victoria And Luna Enjoys A Meal At Jessica And Krystal's House

Stars on TV / Movies 07.09.14 | 09:37AM EDT

Girl group F(X) members Luna and Victoria visited 'Jessica&Krystal's' house.

Jessica and Krystal

Sisters Jessica And Krystal Reveal They Used To Be Shy + f(x)'s Comeback Is Publicized On The Upcoming Episode Of 'Jessica & Krystal'

Stars on TV / Movies 06.25.14 | 06:45AM EDT

Jessica and Krystal used to be shy and f(x) could possibly be making their comeback soon.

Girls' Generation Tiffany

Girls' Generation's Tiffany Revealed That She Gets Romantic With Handwritten Letters On 'Jessica & Krystal'

Stars on TV / Movies 06.18.14 | 02:44AM EDT

Sweetie pie Tiffany likes writing letters to show her feelings

jessica and krystal talk about guys

'Jessica & Krystal' Jessica Tells Krystal "Meet A Good Guy"

Stars on TV / Movies 06.12.14 | 02:34AM EDT

Jessica and Krystal talked about guys on "Jessica & Krystal".

jessica watching jessica and krystal

Girls' Generation Jessica, Watching 'Jessica & Krystal'... Cute Self-Camera Photo

Buzz 06.10.14 | 04:00AM EDT

Girls' Generation's member Jessica revealed s elf-camera photo while watching her reality show "Jessica & Krystal".

jessica and krystal airing on june 3

The Jung Sisters Are Coming... 'Jessica & Krystal' Airing On June 3

Stars on TV / Movies 05.16.14 | 10:06AM EDT

The 'Jung sisters' are finally coming.


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