Jung Yong Hwa

yonghwa wanted to take jonghyun's role in a gentleman's dignity

'Three Wheels' Yonghwa, "I Was Willing To Take Jonghyun's Role in 'A Gentleman's Dignity'"

Stars on TV / Movies 01.27.13 | 05:16AM EST

Jung Yong Hwa revealed that he wanted to take Jonghyun's role in the drama "A Gentleman's Dignity."

jung yonghwa scandal with park shin hye

Jung Yong Hwa Clarifies Scandal With Park Shin Hye "We're Really Not Dating"

Stars on TV / Movies 01.27.13 | 05:13AM EST

CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa revealed that he is only good friends with Park Shin Hye and nothing more.


CNBLUE Release Official 'RE: BLUE' LE Details

Headlines 01.26.13 | 11:51AM EST

CNBLUE announce new details for 'RE: BLUE' limited edition that will be hitting stores by the end of January.

CNBLUE  Jung Yong Hwa,

CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa, "Do I Have the Lowest Viewer Rating?' Difference Between Main and Supporting Roles

Headlines 01.25.13 | 10:29PM EST

Band CNBLUE's drama viewer ratings were revealed.

Group CNBLUE Reveals Relationship Confessions, 'No Interest?'

CNBLUE without Scandals for 3 Years, 'No Interest in Dating?'

Headlines 01.25.13 | 01:41PM EST

Band CNBLUE, who debuted 3 years ago, reveals confessions about dating.

RE: BLUE Promo

CNBLUE Experience a Whirlwind Start to 2013

Headlines 01.25.13 | 11:04AM EST

CNBLUE enjoy immense success with the band's 4th Mini Album, 'RE: BLUE' and kick off 2013 with a bang.

jung yonghwa kang minhyuk picture for fans

CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa-Kang Min Hyuk, Picture For Their Fans

Buzz 01.24.13 | 06:59AM EST

Group CNBLUE's Jung Yong Hwa and Kang Min Hyuk revealed thankfulness for their fans.

The 27th Samsung Golden Disk Awards: What A Night Is Like at the GDA?

The 27th Samsung Golden Disk Awards: What A Night Is Like at the GDA?

Headlines 01.23.13 | 09:33AM EST

Bringing in half of the K-Kop Who's Who, the first day of the 27th Samsung Golden Disk Awards held in Malaysia did not disappoint.

FTISLAND-CNBLUE Release Teaser for 'The FNC' Magazine

FTISLAND-CNBLUE Joined Together Release Teaser for 'The FNC' Magazine

Headlines 01.22.13 | 03:58PM EST

Band FTISLAND and CNBLUE joined together to promote FNC Entertainment's first magazine The FNC. The magazine is to feature artists from the agency.


K-Pop Review: Re:BLUE by CNBLUE

Reviews 01.21.13 | 05:22PM EST

Rocker-idols, C.N Blue, made their long awaited comeback with their 4th mini album, "Re:Blue."

The 27th Samsung Galaxy Golden Disk Awards Press Conference: CNBlue

CNBUE's Guest Appearance on 'Gag Concert' Recording on January 23

Stars on TV / Movies 01.21.13 | 02:47PM EST

Rock band CNBLUE is to make an appearance on KBS "Gag Concert."

CNBLUE Jung Yong Hwa,

CNBLUE is Successful with Their New Album? Jung Yong Hwa States, 'Best Comeback out of the 3 Years'

Headlines 01.17.13 | 10:48AM EST

CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa stated that this album's activities is the happiest comeback out of the 3 years they've been in the business.

CNBLUE Comeback Stages on Music Shows to be Live

CNBLUE Comeback Stages on Music Shows to be Live

Headlines 01.15.13 | 04:29AM EST

Popular band CNBLUE garnering attention of their comeback this week has announced the entire performance is to be done completely live.

CNBLUE's 'Re:BLUE' Surpasses 100,000 Pre-orders

CNBLUE's 'Re:BLUE' Surpasses 100,000 Pre-orders

Headlines 01.14.13 | 02:24PM EST

CNBLUE's 4th mini-album Re:BLUE reached 100,000 pre-orders prior to their comeback, proving the boy's success and popularity.

jung yonghwa blonde hair

Jung Yonghwa Turns Blonde "Good-Looking CNBLUE Members"

Etc 01.11.13 | 04:15PM EST

CNBLUE's member Jung Yonghwa turned blonde.

CNBLUE‘s Title Track ‘I’m Sorry’ Video Teaser ‘Receives Hot Response’

CNBLUE's Title Track 'I'm Sorry' Video Teaser 'Receives Hot Response'

Headlines 01.10.13 | 10:26AM EST

CNBLUE revealed their comeback song "I'm Sorry" and part 1 of "Blue Teaser."

simon d same apartment same high school with jung yonghwa

Simon D, "I Went To the Same High School As Jung Yonghwa... And We Live In the Same Apartment"

Buzz 01.09.13 | 06:30AM EST

Supreme Team Simon D posted a picture taken with CNBLUE Jung Yonghwa.

Emotional Yong

CNBLUE Announces Tracklist for 4th Mini Album, 'RE: BLUE'

Headlines 01.08.13 | 07:46AM EST

CNBLUE finally announce full track information and have given their Korean comeback album the name, 'RE: BLUE'.

simon d picture from running man

Simon D, Picture From Running Man With Lee KiKwang-Jung Yong Hwa-Lee Jong Hyun

Etc 01.08.13 | 01:29AM EST

Singer Simon D revealed a picture from 'Running Man.'

jung yonghwa bow after taking off kim jong gook's nametag

'Running Man' Jung Yonghwa(CNBLUE), Bows after Taking off Kim Jong Kook's Name Tag "All Glory To My Parents"

Stars on TV / Movies 01.07.13 | 09:31AM EST

Jung Yonghwa bowed after taking off Kim Jong Gook's name tag.

CNB Teaser

CNBLUE Shows off Acting Skills with Four Emotional Comeback Teaser Clips

Headlines 01.07.13 | 08:01AM EST

CNBLUE revealed four long awaited emotional teasers for their comeback scheduled for January 14, 2013.


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