Queen + Adam Lambert

Queen + Adam Lambert Show At Glastonbury In The Cards? 'American Idol' Alum Down With Robbie Williams Collaboration

Trending News 10.16.15 | 08:17PM EDT

Adam Lambert is willing to perform with Queen at the Glastonbury as the "American Idol" alum said that he's also willing to collaborate with Robbie Williams for a track.

Queen + Adam Lambert

Brian May Recognizes Adam Lambert And Freddie Mercury's Differences As Queen Continues Tour In Argentina

Trending News 10.02.15 | 09:42PM EDT

Queen guitarist Brian May would be the first to admit that Adam Lambert is no Freddie Mercury but they do have a lot of differences to make the "American Idol" alum worthy to fill the rock icon.

Adam Lambert

Fans Rave Over Adam Lambert's Birmingham Performance As Tour With Queen Resumes This Month

Trending News 09.04.15 | 07:39PM EDT

Adam Lambert gave Birmingham a taste of what fans can expect when his tour with the Queen resumes in Rio this month.


Brown Eyed Girls Singer Miryo Releases Track List For Upcoming Solo Album

Headlines 07.28.15 | 12:29AM EDT

Brown Eyed Girls’ member Miryo revealed her solo album teaser image and track list through her agency Nega Network’s social networking sites today.

Adam Lambert

'The Original High' Singer Adam Lambert Inspires Charity; Queen Frontman Talks About New Album

Trending News 07.26.15 | 10:26PM EDT

Adam Lambert's fans can be quite passionate about the Queen frontman and now they've channeled their energy for a very worthy cause. The "American Idol" alum, meanwhile, talked about his new album.

Adam Lambert

Queen Frontman Adam Lambert Wears Pink To Promote 'The Original High;' Calls Nile Rodgers And Pharrell Williams 'Geniuses'

Trending News 07.15.15 | 10:10PM EDT

Adam Lambert didn't wear his bikini to promote "The Original High" in Miami on July 15 but fans didn't seem to care.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Reveals Influence Behind New Album; 'American Idol' Claims End Not In Sight For Queen Collaboration

Trending News 07.02.15 | 06:11PM EDT

"American Idol" alum Adam Lambert talked about his inspiration for his new album, "The Original High," as he promised that his collaboration with Queen will continue as long as fans want them.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert’s New Album Resonates Queen’s Current Frontman’s State Of Mind? Admits Having Peter Pan Syndrome

Trending News 06.16.15 | 10:42PM EDT

Queen frontman Adam Lambert's new album, "The Original High," reflects his current state of mind as the "American Idol" alum confessed to having the Peter Pan syndrome.

Adam Lambert

Queen Supportive Of Adam Lambert’s Solo Career; ‘The Original High’ Singer Gushes Over His Mom

Trending News 05.24.15 | 09:17PM EDT

Queen's Brian May said the band is on a short break from tours right now as frontman Adam Lambert is working on his solo career. Meanwhile, the "The Original High" singer gushed over the fashion style of his mother.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert's 'Underground' All About His Heartache? Queen's Current Frontman Shares Thoughts On 'American Idol' Cancellation

Trending News 05.16.15 | 10:52PM EDT

Adam Lambert revealed his heartaches as he dropped another single, "Underground." Meanwhile, the Queen frontman weighed in on the cancellation of "American Idol," which he won in season 8.

Adam Lambert

Queen's Current Frontman Adam Lambert Looking For A Younger Guy? 'The Original High' Singer Gives Fan A Surprise Treat

Trending News 05.10.15 | 08:04PM EDT

Queen frontman Adam Lambert typically looks for younger guys when dating, but no Justin Bieber please.

Adam Lambert

Queen's Current Frontman Adam Lambert Spills On His Relationships; Former 'American Idol' Scared Of New Video 'Ghost Town?'

Trending News 04.30.15 | 06:26PM EDT

Adam Lambert has revealed that there are so many closeted men in Hollywood and he's slept with a number of them. Meanwhile, the Queen's vocalist claimed that he's scared of the new video of "Ghost Town."

Queen New Album

Adam Lambert Continues Queen Connection As He Collaborates With Brian May In New Album; Former 'American Idol' Tired Of Crazy Antics?

Trending News 04.23.15 | 10:12PM EDT

Adam Lambert and Queen's tour might have been on hiatus, but the "American Idol" alum continues his connection with the band as his new album will feature legendary guitarist Brian May.

Queen New Album

Adam Lambert's New Single Gets Rave Reviews; Queen's Current Frontman Talks About 'Understanding' With Sam Smith

Trending News 04.11.15 | 11:18PM EDT

Adam Lambert dropped a new single called "Ghost Town" Queen's current frontman is getting good reviews from critics who first heard the song.

Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert Credits Tour With Queen For Teaching Him To Be Thankful; 'American Idol' Alum's New Single Out Next Month

Trending News 03.24.15 | 10:49PM EDT

Adam Lambert credited Queen for allowing him to stay grounded in his career as his recent tour with them allowed the "American Idol" alum first-row seat on how the legendary band managed to stay relevant for so long.

Queen New Album

'American Idol' Adam Lambert Buffs Up Following Successful European Tour With Queen; Singer Spends Down Time At The Gym

Trending News 03.18.15 | 10:51PM EDT

"American Idol" alum Adam Lambert hit the gym after his very successful European tour with Queen and he's showing the results on his social media page.

Queen + Adam Lambert

Queen, Adam Lambert Gives Peek At Concert Tour Behind The Scenes; 'American Idol' Eyeing At Brit Crooners For Next Collaboration?

Trending News 03.12.15 | 10:36PM EDT

Queen+Adam lambert have been playing to packed stadiums and arenas, and a new documentary will give a glimpse on all the hard work to contribute to the huge success of the whole endeavor.

Queen Tour 2015

Adam Lambert Continues Rocker Vibe After Queen European Tour; Drummer Roger Taylor Excited For Return To Brazil

Trending News 03.05.15 | 10:50PM EST

Adam Lambert looks like a glamorous rock star even in casual clothing as he returns to the US after the European tour with Queen. Meanwhile, drummer Roger Taylor expressed his excitement over the band's return to Brazil.

Queen New Album

'Supremely Confident' Adam Lambert Hits Stage With Queen; Former 'American Idol' Eyes Working With Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran

Trending News 02.27.15 | 09:18PM EST

A "supremely confident" Adam Lambert commanded attention as he performed on stage with Queen at the SSE Arena Wembley in London, England.

Queen Tour 2015

Queen's Brian May Gushes Over 'Incredible Performer Adam Lambert; Compares 'American Idol' Alum To Freddie Mercury

Trending News 02.18.15 | 11:06PM EST

Brian May gushed about how Adam Lambert performed during the whole duration of his tour with Queen. The legendary guitarist even paid the "American Idol" alum the greatest compliment: comparing him with the late Freddie Mercury.

Queen + Adam Lambert

Fans In Brussels Disappointed As Queen + Adam Lambert Cancels Show; 'American Idol' Apologizes Via Twitter

Trending News 02.14.15 | 10:44PM EST

Brussel fans were left disappointed as Queen + Adam Lambert concert was cancelled. The "American Idol" alum took to Twitter to appease those who already bought tickets to the show.


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