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The Truth Behind BTS' Jimin And Red Velvet's Seulgi Relationship

The Truth Behind BTS' Jimin And Red Velvet's Seulgi Relationship

Hot Issues 06.02.17 | 10:59AM EDT

BTS' Jimin and Red Velvet's Seulgi are on headlines today because they are reported to really be dating each other.

Red Velvet Members Irene And Wendy Battle It Out In 'The Dynamic Duo'

Red Velvet Members Irene And Wendy Battle It Out In 'The Dynamic Duo'

Hot Issues 05.15.17 | 11:57AM EDT

Red Velvet members, Irene and Wendy just showed off their athletic capabilities in "The Dynamic Duo".

Red Velvet Reported To Have Name Change

Red Velvet Reported To Have Name Change

Hot Issues 04.18.17 | 08:42AM EDT

The hit K-pop girl group, Red Velvet, is said to be in for a name change. Continue to read on to know more about the facts.

Lee Hyun Woo, Red Velvet's Joy

Red Velvet’s Joy Expressed Distress On Instagram: ‘The Liar & His Lover’ Actress In Dilemma To Choose Between Group & Acting Career?

Hot Issues 04.18.17 | 08:35AM EDT

Joy posted on her Instagram that she's feeling depressed on a Friday night. Could it be a conflict of interest with Red Velvet?

Red Velvet

Red Velvet in Thailand To Shoot New Reality Show? Seulgi & I.O.I's Somi Cast For New KBS Show

Trending News 03.30.17 | 11:08AM EDT

Red Velvet is currently in Thailand for a fan meeting event when member Irene revealed that they too are in the country to shoot for a reality show.


Red Velvet Joy’s Acting Debut In ‘The Liar & His Lover’ Gained Negative Responses From Netizens

Hot Issues 03.22.17 | 05:08AM EDT

Red Velvet idol, Joy, didn't get off to a good start with her acting debut in "The Liar and His Love". A lot of people on the internet have been strongly criticizing her acting skill as a lead actress.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Wears Freckles For 'The Celebrity' Photo Shoot: Headlines 5th Annual 2017 SXSW Conference and Festivals in Austin, Texas

Hot Issues 03.22.17 | 03:13AM EDT

Red Velvet posed for a photo shoot with "The Celebrity" wearing cute freckles and headlined the 5th Annual 2017 SXSW Conference and Festivals in Austin, TX.

Red Velvet, Irene

Red Velvet’s Irene Reveals The Truth About How She Ended Up With SM Entertainment

Hot Issues 03.20.17 | 07:46AM EDT

Red Velvet's Irene recently shared her experience when she began her career in the entertainment industry.

Red Velvet Seulgi

Seulgi of Red Velvet Shows Off Artistic Skills: Draws Realistic Image of Taeyeon, Audrey Hepburn, and Many More

Hot Issues 03.13.17 | 01:01PM EDT

Seulgi of Red Velvet shows off her artistic side as she draws Taeyeon, Audrey Hepburn, Natalie Portman, and many more.

Kang Ye Won showed progress in singin on

Kang Ye Won Finally Showed Progress In Singing On 'Sister's Slam Dunk' Season 2, Overcoming Her Singing Trauma

Stars on TV / Movies 03.12.17 | 12:01PM EDT

Kang Ye Won showed progress in singing when she was having a lesson with the vocal trainer in "Sister's Slam Dunk." She slowly gained confidence in singing during the show.


These Girl Group Members Were Caught Fangirling Over Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Hot Issues 03.08.17 | 05:12AM EST

Taeyeon is more than just a pretty face. The SNSD front-woman has a lot of quality that everyone just loves.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Got Into An Awkward Situation While Performing At Inauguration Ceremony

Trending News 03.07.17 | 06:40AM EST

Technical issues strike when Red Velvet performed their hit "Dumb Dumb" at the inauguration ceremony of Seoul Institute of Arts.


K-Con Kicks-Off in Mexico City in 10 Days! Adds Australia to Their Travel Plan

Headlines 03.07.17 | 03:38AM EST

K-Con will kick-off in Mexico City and will be expanding to Australia in September but with no exact date and venue yet.

Top Idol Groups For February

Top Idol Groups For February: BTS, TWICE, Red Velvet Claim The Top 3 Spots

Trending News 02.28.17 | 02:50PM EST

A recent study reveals that BTS, TWICE, and Red Velvet have made it to the list of the most successful idol groups on February.


BTS Bounces Back With M! Countdown Win After Gaon Chart 'Plagiarism' Controversy

Headlines 02.24.17 | 06:55AM EST

BTS won over Red Velvet in their first performance of new singles "Spring Day" and "Not Today" on music show M! Countdown. Gaon Chart executives apologizes for lapses leading to BTS and Big Bang stage controversy.

SHINee's Key

SHINee’s Key, Red Velvet’s Irene Fancied Korean Delicacies On SBS ‘Paik Jong Won’s Three Great Emperors’

Hot Issues 02.15.17 | 03:22AM EST

Key from SHINee along with Red Velvet's Irene tried to win a challenge to cook Korean delicacy in an SBS TV show, "Paik Jong Won's Three Great Emperors".

Red Velvet

[Album Review] Red Velvet ‘Rookie’

Reviews 02.01.17 | 12:55PM EST

A personal opinion about Red Velvet's fouth mini album "Rookie".

Red Velvet

Red Velvet Isn’t ‘Rookie’ Anymore With New MV Release

Headlines 02.01.17 | 12:24PM EST

SM Entertainment's girl group, Red Velvet, have released their newest title track "Rookie". The members have proved that they eren’t rookies anymore with the music video and album "Rookie".

Red Velvet Irene

Red Velvet’s Irene Stuns Fans During 31st Golden Disks Awards

Fashion & Style 01.30.17 | 11:32AM EST

Red Velvet’s Irene wows everybody with her beautiful visuals.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet, Tiger JK, Yoon Mi Rae And More To Perform At SXSW 2017

Trending News 01.27.17 | 08:36PM EST

SXSW announced additions to its 2017 KPOP Night Out Showcase.

Wendy's picture in Red Velvet's instagram, looking cute with unique hairdo.

Red Velvet's Wendy Spoke Of Her Reason To Diet On tvN's 'Raid The Convenience Store'

Stars on TV / Movies 01.28.17 | 01:26AM EST

Red Velvet's Wendy said on "Raid The Convenience Store", the reason of her diet was that she used to be fat and she didn't want it again. Thus, we often see her eat less and control her food.

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