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Which K-Pop Idol Is Said To Look Like The Korean Ryan Gosling?

Headlines 08.31.17 | 11:21AM EDT

Which K-Pop Idol Is Said To Look Like The Korean Ryan Gosling?

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes Split: A Love Triangle Affair Involving Emma Stone?

Trending News 03.28.17 | 09:37AM EDT

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes have broken apart after the couple have been together for around six years, and the split up is because of actress Emma Stone

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Leaves Eva Mendes And Baby Girl For ‘The Big Short’ Oscars 2016 Red Carpet

Trending News 03.01.16 | 01:10AM EST

Ryan Gosling left his baby mama Eva Meds and his baby girl at home to attend the Oscars 2016 red carpet.

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Considers Eva Mendes, Sister Or Mom For Date To Oscar 2016 But Not Emma Stone?

Trending News 02.24.16 | 11:48AM EST

Ryan Gosling brought his mom and sister to his first Oscar, but the actor has not yet decided his date for Oscar 2016.

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Meets Emma Stone Behind Eva Mendes Back, Engagement And Wedding Unlikely?

Trending News 02.16.16 | 12:50AM EST

Is Ryan Gosling meeting with Emma Stone behind Eva Mendes' back?

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Avoids SAG Awards Red Carpet To Hide Eva Mendes Engagement Ring And Wedding?

Trending News 02.05.16 | 04:10AM EST

Ryan Gosling is getting hotter by the day, but he isn't very showy about it.

Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling ‘Can Handle’ Baby Girl, Eva Mendes Marriage Pressure And ‘The Big Short’ Oscar Snub

Trending News 01.24.16 | 07:43PM EST

Ryan Gosling "can handle" a lot of things - rearing his baby girl, marriage pressure coming from Eva Mendes and the Oscar snub for his performance in "The Big Short".

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Oscar Snub For ‘The Big Short’ Surprises Actress Of ‘Lost River’ Saoirse Ronan

Trending News 01.14.16 | 04:37PM EST

Ryan Gosling experienced yet another Oscar snub this year for his performance in "The Big Short".

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Makes SNL Viral, Hints At Engagement To Baby Mama Eva Mendes

Trending News 12.17.15 | 12:40AM EST

Ryan Gosling, with his amazing face, made a SNL video viral this week, at no surprise to his fans.

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Declares Eva Mendes As Soulmate, ‘The Big Short’ Actor Engaged To Actress?

Trending News 12.08.15 | 02:50AM EST

Ryan Gosling isn’t the kind of guy to gossip about his relationships, but he did shock the public by stating that Eva Mendes is indeed his soulmate.

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Uglifies For ‘The Big Short’, Delays Engagement To Eva Mendes Despite Baby Girl?

Trending News 12.01.15 | 01:44AM EST

Ryan Gosling may be sick and tired of being the pretty boy in all his films.

Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes Wants Engagement Ring From Ryan Gosling By December For Sake Of Baby Girl?

Trending News 11.24.15 | 02:30AM EST

The rumor has it that Eva Mendes is demanding for an engagement ring from Ryan Gosling before December is up.

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Birthday Celebrations Include Eva Mendes, Baby Girl And Cake

Trending News 11.16.15 | 03:00AM EST

Hey girl. Do you know what Ryan Gosling is planning to do on his 35th birthday?

Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Reveal Baby GIrl On Halloween After Emma Stone Scandal

Trending News 11.10.15 | 01:00PM EST

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes finally revealed their baby girl in public this Halloween.

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Breaks Up Emma Stone And Andrew Garfield With Eva Mendes Complaint?

Trending News 10.29.15 | 08:22PM EDT

Ryan Gosling may have secretly caused the breakup of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

Eva Mendes

Ryan Gosling Fights ‘Military Style Rules’ Eva Mendes Imposes On Baby Girl Esmeralda

Trending News 10.19.15 | 12:50AM EDT

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes may be butting heads on how they are going to rear their baby girl Esmeralda.

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Forego Babysitter For Baby Girl, ‘La La Land’ Actor Changes Diapers

Trending News 10.09.15 | 01:10PM EDT

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes don't need babysitters to take care of their baby girl.

ryan gosling

Ridley Scott Jealous Of Ryan Gosling, ‘Blade Runner 2’ Star Cuts Time With Baby And Eva Mendes?

Trending News 10.01.15 | 02:10AM EDT

Ridley Scott may be jealous of his “Blade Runner 2” star Ryan Gosling.

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Looks Great With Emma Stone On Date Night For ‘La La Land’, Eva Mendes Jealous?

Trending News 09.22.15 | 01:50AM EDT

Ryan Gosling looked great accompanying Emma Stone on a date night.

Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Baby Turns One, Couple Ready To Get Engaged For Esmeralda?

Trending News 09.16.15 | 07:10AM EDT

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ baby turned one! But of course, the couple kept the celebrations so private that the public didn’t get any glimpses of their baby daughter Esmeralda.

ryan gosling

Ryan Gosling Snags ‘Blade Runner 2’ During Time Away From Eva Mendes And Baby Esmeralda?

Trending News 09.09.15 | 02:00AM EDT

Ryan Gosling may have snagged a role in “Blade Runner 2” while shooting “La La Land”.

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