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BTS Not Keen On Shifting To US Market, Says Korean Language Is How They Communicate Best

Headlines 05.30.17 | 09:18AM EDT

While the door has blasted wide open for BTS to enter the US market with their Billboard Music Awards win for Top Social Artist, it seems that the Bangtan Boys are not keen on shifting their focus from their fans in Korea.

PewDiePie Upsets BTS Unfollowed Him On Twitter

PewDiePie Upsets BTS, Unfollowed Him On Twitter, YouTuber Uploaded ‘The Most Hurtful Video’

Buzz 05.25.17 | 08:28AM EDT

PewDiePie mourned over BTS that just unfollowed him on Twitter. The YouTuber shared his agony through his latest upload "The Most Hurtful Video."


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