Sweet Stranger and Me KBS

Still image from the KBS drama

‘Sweet Stranger and Me' wraps up its finale with a happy ending for Na-Ri and Nan-Gil

Reviews 12.16.16 | 04:34AM EST

After a bumpy road, Nan-Gil and Na-Ri finally find their happiness in the “Sweet Stranger and Me” Episode 16. Following the end of the drama, period drama “Hwarang” will take over the time slot.

Nan-Gil gives Na-Ri a back hug in the “’Sweet Stranger and Me” Episode 14.

Nan-Gil and Na-Ri become lovers in ‘Sweet Stranger and Me’ Episode 14

K-Drama 12.10.16 | 01:08PM EST

After a long delay, Na-Ri and Nan-Gil are finally dating in “Sweet Stranger and Me” Episode 14. Previously, Na-Ri’s biological father was found to be alive.


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