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10.24.16 | 10:06PM EDT

Onces And Twice Are Definitely Not “TT” Because MV Has Reached Almost 5M In A Day

Twice did it! Though they did not broke BTS' record for a kpop video with most views in just a day, they did make a ...

10.24.16 | 04:15AM EDT

First 2017 Concert In Europe To Be 24K´s ‘Still with 24U’

First Europe concert of 24K ...

10.24.16 | 04:13AM EDT

I.O.I Comeback Stage On M Countdown!

I.O.I comeback stage ...

10.24.16 | 04:10AM EDT

TWICEcoaster : LANE 1 Album Highlight Released

TWICE releases their newest EP ...

10.24.16 | 04:08AM EDT

SF9 Show Off Their Model Looks In First Photoshoot For ‘Dazed’

First photoshoot of SF9 ...

10.24.16 | 01:30AM EDT

Twice Comes Back With 'TT' And Immediately Achieves All-Kill

Twice has finally released their newest song "TT". JYP's new super rookie Twice has slay-ed their fans more than their ...

10.23.16 | 11:37PM EDT

EXO Releases Teaser For Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin Subunit

EXO has released a video teaser for EXO's first ever sub-unit. EXO members Chen, Xiumin, and Baekhyun are announcers ...

10.23.16 | 11:37PM EDT

Blackpink Will Perform On 'MCountdown' Plus ‘Weekly Idol’ Appearance

Blackpink will appear on "Weekly Idol" for the first time. The girl group will also start promoting on MNET's ...

10.23.16 | 11:35PM EDT

Unpretty Rapstar Winner Giant Pink and BEG To Miryo Release A Collaboration

Unpretty Rapstar winner Giant Pink and Brown Eyed Girl's fierce rapper, Miryo, who also joined Unpretty Rapstar in the ...

10.23.16 | 08:57AM EDT

Shinhwa’s Comeback Project Plans Revealed

Comeback project of Shinhwa revealed! ...


Headlines 10.23.16 | 08:54AM EDT

B.A.P ‘NOIR’ Comeback Schedule

Comeback schedule of B.A.P


Headlines 10.23.16 | 08:53AM EDT

YG Reveals BLACKPINK Is Coming ‘Back To Our Area’

YG hints Who's next artist is BLACKPINK


Headlines 10.22.16 | 07:03AM EDT

BTOB Postpone Fanmeeting In Manila

Manila fanmeeting of BTOB has been postponed

Headlines 10.21.16 | 04:52AM EDT

Cube Updates Fans On BTOB’S Upcoming Comeback!

Cube updates fans regarding BTOB's upcoming comeback

Headlines 10.21.16 | 04:50AM EDT


Kpop boy group BigBang is back!

Headlines 10.21.16 | 04:48AM EDT

VIXX Begins Their Transformation Into Kratos

VIXX transformation for their upcoming comeback

K-Drama 10.21.16 | 12:01AM EDT

"Drinking Solo" final episodes spoiler: Ha-Na finds out Jung-Sok is Gyong-Myung's big brother

tvN drama "Drinking Solo" will end its episode next week and the climax is surmounting as Ha-Na finds out that Jung-Sok is Gyong-Myung's big brother

Headlines 10.20.16 | 11:20PM EDT

BlackPink To Comeback In November, YG Confirms

YG reveals who is next for YG Entertainment to comeback. Blackpink will be coming back next moth with another song.

K-Drama 10.20.16 | 11:08PM EDT

MBC "Woman with a Suitcase" Episode 9 spoilers: Love triangle becomes more complicated

As the Episode 8 ended with a love triangle between the three main characters, "Woman with a Suitcase" Episode 9 becomes more complicated. Its rating also remains steady.

Interviews 10.20.16 | 11:04PM EDT

Up and close with Park Ha-Sun: her weight loss, drinking habit and favorite liquor

The female lead in "Drinking Solo" drama Park Ha-Sun opened up and tells her story. She talks about her secret to weight loss and favorite drink.

K-Drama 10.20.16 | 07:36AM EDT

SBS drama "Jealousy Incarnate" Episode 18 spoilers: Hwa-Shin decided to take things easy, confusing Na-Ri

After a struggle to win Na-Ri's heart, Hwa-Shin must endure a harder situation in the "Jealousy Incarnate" Episode 18. Especially since they now live together in Jung-Woon's house.

Headlines 10.20.16 | 04:43AM EDT

Jay Park Releases Music Video ‘Drive’ Off Newly Released Album!

Jay Park released MV for 'Drive'

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