Dec 13, 2016 | 03:33 AM EST

[Song and MV Review] Big Bang 'Fxxk It' and 'Last Dance'

Big Bang has finally released their "MADE" full album. They have also released songs "Fxxk It" and "Last Dance" last night.

We all know Big Bang always delivers and this time they did it again. "Fxxk It" and "Last Dance" are good songs and the Korean public totally agrees with everyone as it has not achieved all-kill.

"Fxxk It" is their usual upbeat and party song. However, it is not as hardcore as "Bang Bang Bang"; it is more like "Bae Bae" with its laid back beat and melody.

The MV is set in the 90's or older even. It is very colorful and very Big Bang. The music video is cute and simple as the members are just in a room doing "boy" stuff and goofing around. In the end, they went out to a club a part a la Big Bang style.

"Fxxk It" is addictive. It does not have that much background music and unnecessary beats or EDM sound, and it is just perfect. GD and TOP's rap complimented the melody of the song very well. Taeyang's voice is the beginning also really good.

Also, Daesung's voice fits perfectly with the chorus of the song. Moreover, Seungri's bridge part is a nice addition to it.

With "Last Dance," it is your typical Big Bang soft and ballad-ish songs that will either make you cry or will at least tug a heartstring in your body. In the song, GD, and TOP, who usually raps, sang in the song.

The softness of their voices in this song is nice adding the colors used in the music video and the beat and melody of the song itself are just a masterpiece.

Taeyang's voice before chorus then Daesung in the chorus is a perfect combination. The beat stopping and just instruments during the first chorus are so good.

I honestly cannot wait for their live performances!

Watch Big Bang's new MV below!

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