Dec 21, 2016 | 05:12 AM EST

Double K will make fans go OMG! with Seo In Guk and Dok2!

The fans of Korean rap scene can tune in to Double K's latest release 'OMG' featuring singer/actor Seo In Guk and rapper Dok2.

As reported by allkpop, the teaser also featured Seo In Guk and Dok2. After a long wait, finally the song is released. The song has a story about a man's hard-working nature and how he deserves a break. Like always, partying is a must for such hectic life. The clubbing scene is flashy with drinks and beautiful girls, and surprise, surprise, is that Jessi cameo in the first minute of the song?

The chorus part has Seo In Gook crooning like never before. The singer/actor is projecting swag in his sweet voice, effectively singing about how he and his crews know the right way to have fun. He says the fans are welcomed to join him and his crew. Fans have expressed their delighted surprise towards Seo In Guk's never before seen tough guy aura, and they're liking it!

The mid-tempo beat is typical hip hop, and though it's not exactly formulaic, it's enough to make your body move along. Whistle sound is added to add more mysterious element.

The lyric tells a little about Double K, what with his being in the underground Korean rapper scene since 2001, fifteen years ago. According to an interview by Discovering Korean Underground, Double K quoted Jay Z as one of his biggest influences. He inserts a lot of English phrasing in his lyric, making it easier for his international fans to understand the meaning behind the song. The song ends with a replay from the opening verse, Seo In Guk and Double K having dramatic camera shots. It's an awesome touch for the whole music video.

Up until this article is published, the music video has been watched 308.789 times on Youtube. Go check out Double K music to find your inner swag!

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