Apr 13, 2017 | 20:29 PM EDT

Chinese Fans Buy Scottish Estate And Lordship For EXO's Sehun's birthday; EXO Maknae To Be Known As Lord Oh Sehun Of Glencoe

It wasn't too long ago that EXO-Ls from around the world pulled off one of the biggest surprises for their beloved EXO by renting 11 massive Times Square billboards worth millions of dollars for the K-pop group's 5th anniversary. But now, they are back to prove that their love holds no limit for EXO's golden maknae Sehun for his birthday.

According to a report by All Kpop, Chinese EXO fans pooled funds to purchase land in Scotland which apparently comes with a title for EXO's Sehun. Fans from the site Warmwind bought the land in Sehun's name which makes him a Scottish lord .

Based on the land title, the property that Chinese fans bought for their beloved maknae is part of the estate called Glencoe Wood, Keil Hill in the Scottish Highlands. Along with the land, Sehun will also receive the Lordship of Lorne, making him Lord Oh Sehun of Glencoe.

It was not disclosed how much the land or the lordship cost but it may have cost the fans a pretty penny to make EXO's Sehun a member of Scottish nobility. Some can just imagine how the global trendsetter would look like rocking a traditional Scottish kilt while they're at it.

It was recently reported that EXO's Chinese fans from the Chinese BAIDU Bar also spearheaded the campaign to rent the Reuter Billboard at the center of New York's Times Square along with 10 other billboards in Times Square to greet EXO on their fifth debut anniversary. According to a report by Kpopstarz, the billboard rentals for the day range from $1-$4 million.

Fans from all over the world chipped in to foot the bill and proclaim their love for EXO, making the billboards on the top the list of most expensive gifts a fandom has given their idols. It seems that EXO-Ls never run out of creative ways to show their love for EXO. The world is wondering what they would come up with next. 

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