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Jun 07, 2017 | 15:48 PM EDT

Kim So Hee Reveals Terrifying Marriage Proposal From Former Manager

Kim So Hee has just revealed to the public that she has a terrifying experience with her former management company. The rookie K-pop idol has just revealed that one of the head from her previous management company had proposed a marriage to her.

The revelation happened during one of the episodes of the hit TV program of KBS, "Idol Drama Operation Team." In the episode, she says that her previous management company had seen her as a woman. She says that she couldn't reject the proposal because of the fright that she felt during that moment.

According to IB Times, Kim So Hee says that the former manager would even drive him around town and let her sit in the passenger seat of the manager's car. In one instance, the man even sincerely proposed to her and said if she wanted to marry him.

In spite of it, she says in the interview that she might really come through situations like this if she is to debut in the K-pop industry. In one of her previous interviews, she even says that she had a hard time dealing and managing all of the things that she did when she was still training.

Kim So Hee even revealed that it was very tragic for her when she learned that she didn't make it through to the IOI girl group. However now, according to All K-pop, Kim So Hee has finally debuted as a solo artist in the glamorous world of the K-pop industry.

 For sure, a lot of great things will happen to her in the next stage of her career. Let's wish Kim So Hee the best of luck. She surely has a lot of things to accomplish and milestones to reach knowing that she's got a lot of charm and talent tucked under her sleeves.

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