Aug 28, 2017 | 18:43 PM EDT

Is IU The Richest K-Pop Idol?

When fans think of rich K-Pop stars, G-Dragon or any other Big Bang member might come to mind. However, IU recently said something that had fan believing she might be the richest of them all!

During an interview, and according to IU herself, the idol announced that she has more than enough money - more than she even knows what to do with it. Her success as an artist and high earnings have made her pursue other things than just money in her career.

During her interview, she said, "I had a deep conversation with my mom about money. I'm making a lot more money than before, but I'm also spending more. I felt like I was losing a sense of importance about money." At least she is aware she is spending it as fast as she is making it.

The singer continued, "There was a time when I would be happy with just 100,000 won (~ $90 USD), but now I see myself becoming insensitive even when I have a larger sum. It felt like my happiness was being stolen from me." However, the high amount of income has made her a sensible woman in the end.

IU ended on a positive note saying, "I think you have a higher chance of being happy if you have money. As long as you're not consumed by the number. One thing that I'm sure about is that money somehow gives people confidence...I lived my life up to this point like that, and I plan to continue living and pursuing reasonable happiness by modestly giving up." 

What do you think of IU's new life motto and attitude towards money?

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