‘B.A.P Attack!’ Episode 1 - Barefaced & Daily Sketch

Stars on TV / Movies 04.17.14 | 08:52AM EDT

Boy group B.A.P revealed the first episode of their own reality program "B.A.P Attack!"

B.A.P Delivers 100% Of Their Charm With Their 1st Reality Program

Stars on TV / Movies 04.15.14 | 09:23AM EDT

Boy group B.A.P is looking to emit 100% of pure charm for their fans.

Group B.A.P To Officially Begin 'LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR'

Stars on TV / Movies 04.11.14 | 07:33AM EDT

Group B.A.P will be starting their 'LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR' soon and was seen at the airport today.

K-Pop Mixtape: Pick-Me-Ups - 5 Songs To Cheer You Up

Reviews 04.05.14 | 11:13AM EDT

Songs by B.A.P, Girls' Generation, Kim Lim, Block B, and J-Min are the perfect tunes to listen to when you're in a bad mood and need a reminder about how amazing you are.

B.A.P To Release Limited Edition 'TAKE 4' Photo Book and DVD

Headlines 04.04.14 | 09:15AM EDT

Group B.A.P will be releasing their 4th official photo book and DVD called, 'B.A.P RECORDING TAKE 4'.

B.A.P Japan Single, 'NO MERCY' Comes In Second On Oricon Daily Single Chart

Headlines 04.03.14 | 09:03AM EDT

Group B.A.P's second Japan single, NO MERCY, ranks second on Oricon daily chart.

B.A.P - Why Are They So Popular In Overseas Markets?

Headlines 04.03.14 | 05:01AM EDT

Hip hop boy group B.A.P has landed in Japan.

B.A.P To Release Third Japan Single, 'No Mercy' On April 2

Headlines 04.02.14 | 10:07AM EDT

Group B.A.P has released their third Japan single today.

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: How B.A.P Turned Portuguese Rocker Joana Oliveira Into A Hallyu Convert

Headlines 04.01.14 | 08:00PM EDT

"I didn't even like hip-hop, so liking K-Pop was a pretty weird thing for me," said 19-year-old B.A.P fan Joana Oliveira of Portugal.

Three Distinct Idol Wars In 2014 (So Far)

Headlines 04.01.14 | 02:47AM EDT

The first quarter of 2014 can be summarized by 3 distinct features: girl group's sexy war, boy group's power battle, and the fight between Korea's top two leading girl groups.


Headlines 03.26.14 | 04:10AM EDT

B.A.P has been gaining much attention for their 'LIVE ON EARTH CONTINENT TOUR' that will travel to 4 continents and perform a total of 20 times and meet with 100,000 fans.

B.A.P Himchan Thanks Fans As Album Promotions Come To An End

Headlines 03.24.14 | 01:49PM EDT

B.A.P member Himchan posted his thoughts online after their album promotions ended.

Group B.A.P Tops German K-Pop Charts With Their Song, '1004'

Headlines 03.24.14 | 09:06AM EDT

Group B.A.P, who has been known for their popularity in Europe, was seen topping the German K-pop Charts.

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: 'My Love For B.A.P Is Unconditional' Says 17-Year-Old Tech Major Erlouisse Escobar Of The Philippines

Headlines 03.21.14 | 06:21PM EDT

B.A.P fan Erlouisse Escobar first got into Hallyu culture after seeing the music video for the Girls' Generation single "The Boys," released in 2011.

Why Is B.A.P So Powerful In Europe?

Headlines 03.19.14 | 11:14AM EDT

One of the leading groups of the next K-pop generation B.A.P is showing an especially hot reaction in Europe, and there's great interest as to why this is so.

B.A.P Confirms Europe Portion Of 'B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH CONTINENT TOUR'

Headlines 03.18.14 | 10:35AM EDT

Boy group B.A.P is currently preparing of their 4 continent tour.

'SBS Inkigayo Round-up': 2NE1 Wins #1 On The March 16, 2014 Episode

Headlines 03.17.14 | 03:43AM EDT

2NE1 takes home the trophy as they won #1 on the March 16, 2014 episode.

K-Pop Mixtape: Hottest Male Bodies Workout Edition

Features 03.16.14 | 11:27PM EDT

Jay Park, BEAST, and the Tasty twins not have great voices to match their amazing bodies.

'Music Core Showreel': Girls' Generation Wins On The March 15, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

Headlines 03.15.14 | 10:16PM EDT

Girls' Generation wins again on the March 15, 2014 episode of "Music Core!"

'Music Bank Highlights': Girls' Generation Wins # 1 On The March 14, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

Headlines 03.15.14 | 03:48AM EDT

Girls' Generation wins #1 on the March 14, 2014 episode of 'Music Bank!'

B.A.P Concludes Album Promo and Becomes “SPY” for Fans

Headlines 03.15.14 | 02:45AM EDT

Starting on the 14th, B.A.P will conclude their promotion by giving their last performances on KBS "Music Bank", MBC "Music Core", and SBS "Inkigayo".

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