B.A.P Releases Promo Photos For Upcoming 4th Japanese Single

Headlines 08.09.14 | 08:45AM EDT

B.A.P gets ready for a comeback in Japan

SECRET Hyosung-B.A.P Himchan, Couple-Like Photo

Buzz 08.06.14 | 12:27AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Hyosung and boy group B.A.P's member Himchan revealed a picture taken together in the practice room.

Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (July 27- Aug 3)

Features 08.04.14 | 05:53AM EDT

Another week of juicy eye candy for all of you K-Pop lovers straight from your favorite idols' Instagram accounts

B.A.P Jongup And Youngjae Share Messages With Their Fans During Their Break

Interviews 07.31.14 | 03:38PM EDT

After travelling the world with their tour, B.A.P is enjoying their break.

B.A.P Himchan Shows A Photo From A Filming Shoot

Buzz 07.16.14 | 08:58AM EDT

B.A.P Himchan posted a closeup selfie of himself.

KpopStarz Poll Results: Who Did You Choose As Your Favorite Artists From The First Half Of 2014?

Headlines 07.02.14 | 07:25AM EDT

Which Of Your Favorite Idols, Actors, And Actresses Won For The Best Of K-Pop And K-Drama For The 1st Half Of 2014?

'Music Bank' Half-Year Highlights: BEAST Wins # 1 On The June 27, 2014 Special Episode + Performance Recap

Headlines 06.28.14 | 04:34PM EDT

BEAST wins #1 on the June 27th special episode of 'Music Bank'

The Mystery Behind A Pink's Sub-Unit Has Finally Been Revealed

Headlines 06.26.14 | 04:23AM EDT

Bomi and Namjoo will be PINK BnN

Music Bank In Brazil Special Performances Added To The Heat Of The Crowd At The World Cup

Stars on TV / Movies 06.20.14 | 12:41AM EDT

Top Kpop stars filled the stage of KBS Music Bank special in Brazil.

B.A.P Releases DVD Of 4-Continent Tour

Headlines 06.19.14 | 06:33AM EDT

Boy group B.A.P will release a DVD of the "B.A.P 2ND ADVENTURE: 30,000 MILES ON EARTH" containing their 30,000 mile journey around the world to visit fans.

Sexy & Sweet Concepts Dominate Male K-Pop Releases In June

Features 06.10.14 | 07:46AM EDT

Male K-Pop artists are getting sexier and embracing sweeter concepts for June comebacks.

'Music Bank' To Resume Next Week After Nine Weeks Of Not Broadcasting

Headlines 06.07.14 | 11:15AM EDT

'Music Bank' will return next week after not broadcasting for nine weeks.

U.S. Billboard Spotlights B.A.P's 'Where Are You? What Are You Doing?' MV

Headlines 06.05.14 | 11:21AM EDT

U.S. Billboard spotlighted boy group B.A.P's new song, "Where Are You? What Are You Doing?" music video.

Get Ready For KCON 2014; Performance Recaps From Last Years Big Event In Los Angeles

Hot Issues 06.05.14 | 08:25AM EDT

Performance recaps from KCON 2013.

Profile Of A K-Pop Fan: Filipina-Canadian Teen Angeli Santibanez On Why She's A B.A.P Fanatic

Headlines 06.04.14 | 05:53PM EDT

"K-pop is different because it goes beyond the language barrier," Santibanez said 19-year-old B.A.P fan Angeli Santibanez.

K-Pop Mixtape Workout Edition: Get A Better 'Body' With Taeyang & 'Breathe' With ZE:A

Features 06.04.14 | 08:59AM EDT

Keep up a summer body with new music from Taeyang, B.A.P, ZE:A, and INFINITE.

B.A.P Reveals New Acoustic-Sound Track Today

Headlines 06.04.14 | 12:10AM EDT

Group B.A.P revealed their fourth single album Where are You? What are You Doing? on June 3.

B.A.P Wows Crowd With Awesome Singapore Concert [PHOTOS]

Concert / Performance 06.03.14 | 09:26AM EDT

B.A.P Wows Crowd With Awesome Singapore Concert [PHOTOS]

B.A.P Take Their 'Live On Earth 2014 Tour' To Singapore: Reflections From The KpopStarz iReporter Team [SET LIST]

Concert / Performance 06.02.14 | 07:42AM EDT

B.A.P left fans wanting more after a perfect night on May 31 with their spectacular and breathtaking performances at the Singapore leg of their 'B.A.P Live On Earth Tour 2014' at the Star Theatre.

B.A.P Announces Surprise Comeback: Hip-Hop Won't Stop

Headlines 05.28.14 | 02:41AM EDT

The group announced that they will release fourth single album B.A.P Unplugged 2014 on June 3.

Group B.A.P To Add One More Concert In Chiba As Part Of Japan Tour

Headlines 05.22.14 | 09:40AM EDT

Group B.A.P, who will be holding a concert in Chiba on June 21, has added another concert date.

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