SECRET Hyosung Is A Sleeping Beauty?

Buzz 09.17.14 | 02:30AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Hyosung revealed pictures of herself sleeping.

SECRET Hyosung, "My Revenge Was To Become More Beautiful"

Stars on TV / Movies 09.13.14 | 03:01AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Hyosung talked about the breakup she experienced.

SECRET Hyosung, Bed Selfie 'Sleeping Beauty'

Buzz 09.11.14 | 02:50AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Hyosung posted a bed selfie.

SECRET Hyosung, Innocent Selfie 'Pale Face'

Buzz 09.04.14 | 02:18AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Hyosung revealed her innocent look.

'Vitamin' SECRET Hyosung, Proved To Be Healthy Both Mentally And Physically

Stars on TV / Movies 08.29.14 | 12:16AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Hyosung was proved to be a 'healthy beautiful lady'.

SECRET Hyosung Shares Selfie With Flawless Skin

Buzz 08.22.14 | 09:41AM EDT

Secret member Hyosung shared a cute young-looking selfie.

SECRET Hyosung Joins The Ice Bucket Challenge

Buzz 08.22.14 | 04:24AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's leader Hyosung joined the ice bucket challenge campaign.

K-Pop Girl Group SECRET Shares How They Maintain Their Figures

Headlines 08.19.14 | 08:59PM EDT

The SECRET members reveal their secrets to staying slim

'Entertainment Weekly' Hyosung, "I'm The Chubbiest In SECRET, Everyone Else Looks Skinny Thanks To Me"

Interviews 08.17.14 | 03:02AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Hyosung talked about her body.

SECRET Hyosung, Bold & Revealing In MV

Headlines 08.13.14 | 01:28AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Hyosung caught much attention with bold revealing of her skin in SECRET's new song "I'm In Love" MV.

SECRET Hyosung, Shows Off Her Body In Selfie "I Really Love You"

Buzz 08.10.14 | 04:20AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Hyosung thanked her fans through her SNS.

SECRET Hyosung-B.A.P Himchan, Couple-Like Photo

Buzz 08.06.14 | 12:27AM EDT

Girl group SECRET's member Hyosung and boy group B.A.P's member Himchan revealed a picture taken together in the practice room.

SECRET Hyosung Reveals Glowing Face Even Without Makeup

Buzz 07.28.14 | 01:30PM EDT

SECRET member Hyosung revealed a no make up photo online.

SECRET Hyosung Reveals Selfie While In the Waiting Room

Buzz 07.22.14 | 11:40AM EDT

SECRET member Hyosung has transformed into an actress.

K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories In American News (Week Of July 14 - July 20, 2014)

Headlines 07.21.14 | 06:40AM EDT

K-Pop news that appeared in U.S. news media for the week of July 14 - 20, 2014.

Hyosung Is A Sexy Vixen in Geek Magazine

Fashion & Style 07.20.14 | 12:46PM EDT

Hyosung poses seductively with an Indian motorcycle, making the summer sizzle even more

Hyosung Brightens Up The Summer In Her Colorful STM Shoot

Fashion & Style 07.12.14 | 04:05PM EDT

SECRET member Hyosung is ready for the summer in her brightly-themed photo shoot for Sports Today Magazine (STM).

SECRET Hyosung Thanks Personal Fan Club Of 9 Years

Buzz 07.09.14 | 12:45PM EDT

SECRET member Hyosung showed her thanks to her personal fan club of 9 years.

SECRET's Hyosung Looks Sexy In 'Sports Today' Photoshoot

Fashion & Style 07.06.14 | 11:45AM EDT

Hyosung featured in a Sports Today Magazine photoshoot

SECRET Hyosung Concludes Her 'Good Night Kiss' Solo Stage

Buzz 06.24.14 | 08:05AM EDT

Girl group Secret Hyosung said, "What a happy ending to my last performance," regarding her last show.

'Music Bank' Highlights: Taeyang Wins # 1 On The June 20, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

Headlines 06.21.14 | 01:00PM EDT

Taeyang wins #1 on the June 20, 2014 episode of 'Music Bank.'

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