Nam Jihyun

4Minute Member Update: All Hands On Deck For HyunA's Solo Comeback

Headlines 07.19.14 | 11:15AM EDT

4Minute is in full support of HyunA's pending solo comeback

4minute Nam Jihyun Supports HyunA's Solo Promotions Through Photo

Buzz 07.16.14 | 11:11AM EDT

Girl group 4minute member Nam Jihyun revealed a photo online and supported HyunA's solo album.

INFINITE's Woohyun, Sungyeol, and 4Minute's Nam Jihyun Confirmed to Star in “High School”

Headlines 04.30.14 | 12:29AM EDT

INFINITE's Woohyun, Sungyeol, and 4Minute's Nam Jihyun will act in KBS's new drama "High School".

4MINUTE’s Still Got It - Taking the Top with "Whatcha Doin' Today"

Headlines 04.08.14 | 04:42AM EDT

It's been six years since these girls promised to show us everything they got in just 4 minutes, but they are still fresh and as dominant as ever.

4Minute Nam Jihyun, In Love With Selfie-Taking 'Cutie'

Buzz 04.04.14 | 01:51AM EDT

Girl group 4Minute's member Nam Jihyun revealed a cute self-camera photo.

4Minute, 1st Place Celebration

Buzz 03.31.14 | 10:18PM EDT

Girl group 4Minute celebrated their 1st place from SBS "Inkigayo" and revealed their new 'Let's Do It Shake' through a video.

Toheart's Woohyun Picks 4Minute's Ji Hyun As 'Bare-face Queen'

Stars on TV / Movies 03.26.14 | 03:05AM EDT

What did Woohyun think when he saw the 4Minute girls all without makeup?

An Interview with 'The Real 4Minute': Addressing the Misunderstandings Circulating the Girl Group

Headlines 03.23.14 | 03:01AM EDT

6 years after their debut, the girls of 4Minute have to constantly deal with misunderstandings that have been part of their image as a group. What are these fallacies? What is the real 4Minute like?

4Minute Steps It Up In the Music Video For 'Whatcha Doin' Today'

Reviews 03.21.14 | 07:10PM EDT

The music video for 'Watcha Doin' Today' is bizarre at times, but 4Minute's new song is addicting

4Minute Pulls Off Metallic Look in Theme Park Photoshoot

Headlines 03.14.14 | 04:54AM EDT

Girl group 4Minute styled a metallic look in their 5th theme park photoshoot for "4Minute Diary".

4Minute Nam Jihyun, Shy Self-Camera Photo 'Blush'

Buzz 03.13.14 | 12:29AM EDT

Girl group 4minute's member Nam Jihyun revealed a self-camera photo.

New Year Stars Wishes "Happy New Year!" In Traditional Wear

Buzz 02.01.14 | 01:22AM EST

Stars gave personal messages to their fans in celebration of Chinese New Year.

G.NA to Release OST for Mobile Drama ‘Love for Ten’

Headlines 12.07.13 | 05:05AM EST

Singer G.NA sang an OST for mobile drama "Love for Ten - Generation of Youth" called "Drama", which is scheduled for release on December 6th.

4Minute Nam Jihyun, Charming in Red Dress with Adorable Phone Case

Buzz 12.04.13 | 01:32AM EST

Girl group 4minute's member Nam Jihyun revealed her outfit.

4Minute Nam Jihyun, Huge Glasses In Self-Camera

Buzz 11.28.13 | 01:09AM EST

Girl group 4minute's member Nam Jihyun revealed a self-camera photo with no makeup on.

4minute Nam Jihyun, Naked Face 'Still Cute'

Buzz 11.21.13 | 09:17AM EST

Girl group 4minute's member Nam Jihyun revealed her makeup-less face.

'Love For Ten' Infinite Sungyeol, "Injured While Carrying 4minute Nam Jihyun On His Back"

Headlines 11.02.13 | 03:30AM EDT

Idol group Infinite's member Sungyeol stated that he fell while carrying Nam Jihyun on his back because weak leg, arousing laughter.

4Minute's Nam Jihyun Most Popular at Clubs

Hot Issues 07.15.13 | 09:10AM EDT

Nam Ji Hyun made audiences magnetized by her charms giving her the most popular member of 4Minute at clubs.

4minute Nam Jihyun Shows Off Her Perfect Skin Through a Self-Camera Photo

Buzz 07.13.13 | 05:52AM EDT

Group 4minute's member Nam Jihyun revealed a beautiful self-camera photo.

4minute HyunA, Morning Coffee 'Me One Sip, Stuffed Doll One Sip'

Buzz 07.12.13 | 01:09AM EDT

Girl group 4minute's member HyunA revealed a morning coffee picture.

4minute Nam Jihyun, Self-Camera in the Waiting Room

Buzz 07.07.13 | 12:11AM EDT

Girl group 4minute's member Nam Jihyun revealed a photo taken in the waiting room.

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