Twitter Sparks Another Breakup Rumor Between Nichkhun Of 2PM And Tiffany Of Girls' Generation

Hot Issues 10.30.14 | 01:39PM EDT

In the era of social media, even the slightest remark can spark rumors, and 2PM's Nichkhun is the latest to feel the impact of one simple tweet.

Chinese Media Questions Nichkhun-Tiffany Break Up

Hot Issues 10.29.14 | 10:09AM EDT

A recent tweet from 2PM's Nichkhun has Chinese media outlets questioning the status of his relationship with Girls' Generation member Tiffany.

2PM Nichkhun, Bed Selfie "Love Was Just A Glance Away"

Buzz 10.29.14 | 03:04AM EDT

2PM's member Nichkhun revealed a self-camera photo taken on his bed.

19 Ways To Feel Like You're In Korea (When You're Actually in Queens)

Features 10.18.14 | 10:18AM EDT

Not all K-Pop fans are lucky enough to live in Seoul.

Brotherhood Among 2PM Members Deepens As They Continue To Promote ‘Go Crazy’

Features 10.13.14 | 02:13PM EDT

2PM wrapped up their concert in Thailand as part of their recently launched world tour.

Nichkhun, Picture With His Beautiful Younger Sister In His Arms

Buzz 10.11.14 | 03:10AM EDT

2PM's member Nichkhun revealed pictures taken with his younger sister Yanin.

2PM Nichkhun, With Good Looks Even When He's Drinking 'Thai Prince'

Buzz 10.10.14 | 01:49AM EDT

Boy group 2PM's member Nichkhun showed off his good looks.

2PM Nichkhun, Knit Fashion + Puppy Eyes

Buzz 10.09.14 | 03:24AM EDT

2PM's member Nichkhun showed off his good looks.

Former ‘Shy Boy’ Nichkhun Of 2PM Is The New Boxing Manager For Chinese Program ‘Brave Heart’

Buzz 10.07.14 | 11:46AM EDT

2PM's Nichkhun has taken on the role of manager for a new Chinese boxing reality television program "Brave Heart."

2PM Nichkhun & Junho Are Twins? 'Look The Same'

Buzz 10.07.14 | 12:27AM EDT

Boy group 2PM's members Nichkhun and Junho revealed a picture taken together.

2PM Nichkhun, The Thai Prince Who Doesn't Age 'Baby Face'

Buzz 10.07.14 | 12:21AM EDT

2PM's member Nichkhun revealed his baby face.

Kim Min Jung, Picture With Nichkhun After Attending 2PM's Concert

Buzz 10.06.14 | 03:18AM EDT

Actress Kim Min Jung revealed a picture taken with 2PM's member Nichkhun at their concert.

2PM's Taecyeon Returned To Working Out For Ab Performance Despite Injured Arm

Buzz 10.03.14 | 09:46AM EDT

2PM launched their world tour with a concert at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul.

2PM Nichkhun, So Lovely 'Oh My Nichkhun'

Buzz 09.26.14 | 01:21AM EDT

2PM's member Nichkhun revealed a lovable self-camera photo for his fans.

2PM, Filming With Eric Nam & Park Ji Min "GO CRAZY"

Buzz 09.24.14 | 04:09AM EDT

2PM members revealed a picture with Eric Nam and Park Ji Min after filming with them.

2PM Member Jun.K To Become K-Pop’s Top Producer?

Buzz 09.17.14 | 08:36AM EDT

Jun.K will be producing Japanese artist Yamasita Tomohisa's new album.

2PM Nichkhun & Girls' Generation Tiffany Have Trouble Finding Work-Love Balance

Headlines 09.16.14 | 07:45AM EDT

Busy schedules are keeping one of K-Pop's high-profile couples apart, despite their best efforts

Album Review: 2PM Delivers Jazzy Party Tracks On 'Go Crazy!' [AUDIO]

Reviews 09.15.14 | 06:38AM EDT

2PM is back with the soulfully entrancing album, 'Go Crazy!'

Nichkhun & Tiffany Couple, Releasing New Songs At The Same Time

Hot Issues 09.12.14 | 01:05AM EDT

The idol couple 2PM's Nichkhun and Girls' Generation's Tiffany will be releasing new songs with one day apart from each other, catching much attention.

2PM Nichkhun, "Jun.K Is A Grandpa In His Daily Life And A Young Person When He's Doing Music"

Headlines 09.11.14 | 03:00AM EDT

2PM held their first live stage for their new song "GO CRAZY".

6 Reasons To Be Excited For The Comeback Of 2PM

Features 09.01.14 | 02:41AM EDT

2PM provides many reasons to 'Go Crazy' for their comeback.

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