2PM Member Jun.K To Become K-Pop’s Top Producer?

09.17.14 | 08:36AM EDT

Jun.K will be producing Japanese artist Yamasita Tomohisa's new album.

2PM Nichkhun & Girls' Generation Tiffany Have Trouble Finding Work-Love Balance

Headlines 09.16.14 | 07:45AM EDT

Busy schedules are keeping one of K-Pop's high-profile couples apart, despite their best efforts

Album Review: 2PM Delivers Jazzy Party Tracks On 'Go Crazy!' [AUDIO]

Reviews 09.15.14 | 06:38AM EDT

2PM is back with the soulfully entrancing album, 'Go Crazy!'

Nichkhun & Tiffany Couple, Releasing New Songs At The Same Time

Hot Issues 09.12.14 | 01:05AM EDT

The idol couple 2PM's Nichkhun and Girls' Generation's Tiffany will be releasing new songs with one day apart from each other, catching much attention.

2PM Nichkhun, "Jun.K Is A Grandpa In His Daily Life And A Young Person When He's Doing Music"

Headlines 09.11.14 | 03:00AM EDT

2PM held their first live stage for their new song "GO CRAZY".

6 Reasons To Be Excited For The Comeback Of 2PM

Features 09.01.14 | 02:41AM EDT

2PM provides many reasons to 'Go Crazy' for their comeback.

'Entertainment Weekly' 2PM Taecyeon, 'I'm Not Jealous Of Nichkhun-Tiffany'

Stars on TV / Movies 08.31.14 | 01:43AM EDT

Group 2PM's member Taecyeon talked about the relationship of member Nichkhun and Girls' Generation's Tiffany.

2PM Nichkhun Sheds Idol Image For Lawyer Role In Chinese Drama

Stars on TV / Movies 08.29.14 | 09:21AM EDT

Nichkhun is currently filming the Chinese drama "Looking For Aurora."

2PM at Gimpo Airport Heading to Japan for their New Japanese Single Recordings - Aug 25, 2014 [PHOTOS]

Airport Fashion 08.27.14 | 07:31AM EDT

2PM at Gimpo Airport Heading to Japan for their New Japanese Single Recordings - Aug 25, 2014 [PHOTOS]

2PM's Nichkhun Passes On Ice Bucket Challenge, Opts To Donate

Headlines 08.21.14 | 07:51PM EDT

Nichkhun has a problem with the apparent frivolous waste of water.

2PM Nichkhun Becomes A Handbag Designer 'Collaboration With A Fashion Brand'

Headlines 08.21.14 | 01:39AM EDT

Group 2PM's member Nichkhun became a handbag designer.

2AM Seulong Takes A Picture With 2PM Nichkhun And Taecyeon "Restoring Eyes"

Buzz 08.13.14 | 10:04AM EDT

2AM Seulong took a picture with 2PM Nichkhun and Taecyeon, showing an unchanged friendship.

2PM To Heat Things Up With Studio Album Comeback In September

Headlines 08.08.14 | 05:50AM EDT

Jun.K is said to have composed 2PM's upcoming title track

Celebrity Men With Thick Handsome Eyebrows

Features 07.12.14 | 04:16PM EDT

Celebrities with thick eyebrows, including K-Pop stars and actors.

Nichkhun Starts His Acting Career On Chinese Drama 'One And A Half Of Summer'

Stars on TV / Movies 07.10.14 | 07:02AM EDT

A Chinese drama with 2PM's Nickhun, 'One and a half of Summer' is receiving a lot of popularity.

5 Idols Who Speak Multiple Languages

Features 06.28.14 | 04:30PM EDT

K-Pop is now an international genre, and some idols are better at communicating with international fans than others.

2PM Chansung & miss A Fei Are Sizzling To Ignite Their 'Singles' Life

Fashion & Style 06.26.14 | 03:51AM EDT

2PM's Chansung and Miss A's Fei will appear on the July issue of 'Singles'

Sisters Jessica And Krystal Reveal They Used To Be Shy + f(x)'s Comeback Is Publicized On The Upcoming Episode Of 'Jessica & Krystal'

Stars on TV / Movies 06.25.14 | 06:45AM EDT

Jessica and Krystal used to be shy and f(x) could possibly be making their comeback soon.

GOT7 Young Jae Says Nichkhun Brought Him Luck

Stars on TV / Movies 06.25.14 | 02:13AM EDT

GOT7 Youngjae said Nichkhun brought him luck.

2PM Junsu Congratulates Nichkhun For His Birthday, "Happy Birthday!"

Buzz 06.25.14 | 02:04AM EDT

Jun.K congratulated Nichkhun for his birthday.

2PM Nichkhun Celebrates His Birthday With 2PM Members

Buzz 06.24.14 | 09:29AM EDT

Group 2PM member Nichkhun revealed a picture of his birthday online.

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