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Hyoyeon Shows She Is The True Dancing Queen Of Kpop With ‘Mystery’ MV

Hyoyeon shows she is the true dancing queen of K-Pop with ‘Mystery’ MV

Headlines 12.01.16 | 10:59PM EST

SM Entertainment has released Hyoyeon's first ever solo song "Mystery". Hyoyeon showed that she is the true dancing queen of Kpop with the MV.


EXO's Chanyeol utterly shocked by BTS and BLACKPINK's Melon Music performance

Headlines 11.30.16 | 03:28AM EST

Chanyeol got the surprise of his life while watching BTS and BLACKPINK's performance on the Melon Music stage.

Suzy, Baekhyun

EXO's Baekhyun and Miss A's Suzy to perform "Dream" at the 2016 MAMA for the first time!

Headlines 11.29.16 | 04:25AM EST

After almost a year since "Dream" was released, EXO's Baekhyun and Miss A's Suzy are confirmed to perform the song on the MAMA stage for the first time.

EXO Baekhyun

Fans greatly impressed by EXO Baekhyun's professionalism despite injury

Headlines 11.29.16 | 04:23AM EST

A video is circulating online of Baekhyun limping through an EXO performance and nailing it despite his obvious injury.

EXO’s Kai Has Nose Fillers While NCT’s Yuta Has Chin Implants

EXO’s Kai has nose fillers while NCT’s Yuta has chin implants

Headlines 11.27.16 | 01:57AM EST

EXO’s Kai has again got nose fillers. While NCT’s Yuta has now a tragic chin Implants.


Heechul reveals what Super Junior means to him

Headlines 11.25.16 | 06:53PM EST

In a recent interview, Heechul had given a 'touching' answer when he was asked what Super Junior means to him. Check out the heartwarming interview here.


TWICE and BLACKPINK's heartwarming interaction shows how they're actually friends

Headlines 11.25.16 | 06:48PM EST

On the November 5 airing of Inkigayo, TWICE and BLACKPINK's interaction with one another is caught on camera and only proves how friendly they are with each other.


Here's why SHINee's Minho and BTS's V like to touch each other's butts; check out the photos here!

Headlines 11.25.16 | 07:12AM EST

Photos of Minho and V grabbing each others butts have gone viral and their reason would surely warm your hearts!


EXO fans accuse Melon Music Awards of foul play after BTS won album of the year

Headlines 11.24.16 | 08:58AM EST

The stars may have went home satisfied after the Melon Music Awards but some of their fans certainly didn't. Here's why.


BTS gave EXO incredible love during the Melon Music Awards 2016

Headlines 11.21.16 | 02:38PM EST

During the 2016 Melon Music Awards held at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, BTS showed EXO incredible love as the latter received Artist of the Year award.


EXO's Baekhyun transforms into pretty high school girl

Hot Issues 11.17.16 | 01:38PM EST

Shortly after their first music show win on the SBS music program 'The Show', Baekhyun uploads an image of him transformed into a high school girl on Instagram.


EXO-CBX just bagged their first music show win for 'Hey Mama' on SBS 'The Show'

Trending News 11.16.16 | 02:30AM EST

On the November 15 airing of SBS "The Show," the boys of EXO-CBX take their first music show win as EXO subunit.

Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation Reaches New Milestone as 'The Boys' Reach Over 150 Million Hits on YouTube!

Headlines 11.10.16 | 09:34PM EST

After reaching over 150 million views for their song 'The Boys', Girls' Generation becomes the only k-pop group to have 3 music videos to reach over 150 million on YouTube.

Xiumin - EXO

EXO's Xiumin Talks About His Age and Youthful Appearance, Compares Himself to Fellow Member Sehun

Headlines 11.03.16 | 09:53PM EDT

In a recent radio show interview, Xiumin talks about his youthful appearance and even compares himself to the younger Sehun.

SM Entertainment Releases MV Teaser For RV Joy and Seul Ong's SM Station Song

SM Entertainment Releases MV Teaser For Red Velvet’s Joy And Seul Ong's Duet For SM Station

Headlines 11.03.16 | 05:36AM EDT

SM Entertainment has released an MV teaser for Red Velvet’s Joy and Lim Seul Ong's duet for the latest SM Station song.

The members of NCT idol group, consist of NCT U,NCT 127 and NCT Dream from SM Entertainment agency.

SM Entertainment new idol group NCT 127 is rumored to release new song

Trending News 11.02.16 | 09:25AM EDT

NCT 127 is rumored to release a new song after releasing their debut album in July. The group is the implementation of a concept formulated by SM Entertainment to promote Hallyu worldwide.


Taeyeon wants to be over her lover on '11:11' MV

Trending News 11.01.16 | 09:59PM EDT

SM Entertainment has released Taeyeon's new song "11:11". It is only a digital solo single so it will not be promoted.

Red Velvet's 'Picnic On A Sunny Afternoon' Variety Show Trailer

SM Entertaiment Finally Releases Red Velvet Own Variety Show 'A Picnic On Sunny Afternoon'

Stars on TV / Movies 10.31.16 | 07:04AM EDT

SM Entertainemnt released a trailer for Red Velvet's own variety show, "A Picnic On Sunny Afternoon".

Taeyeon Posts Another Teaser Photo

Girl's Generation Taeyeon Has Released Series Of Pictures On Her Instagram About ’11:11’ Digital Single

Headlines 10.31.16 | 03:44AM EDT

SM Entertainment has confirmed that Girtl's Generation Taeyeon will be releasing a solo digital single on November first title "11:11".

EXO-CBX Releases 'Hey Mama' MV

EXO - CBX Asks Fans What Do They Think About 'Hey Mama' MV

Headlines 10.31.16 | 03:39AM EDT

EXO - CBX has release their first song 'Hey Mama' and their mini album with the same name.

EXO Lay Easy Magazine July 2015 Photoshoot

EXO Lay's Upcoming Album Finally Has a Release Date + More Details on the Solo Album

Headlines 10.21.16 | 11:01PM EDT

SM Entertainment has finally confirmed the release date of EXO Lay's solo album.

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