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TaeTiSeo In Talks To Have Their Own Reality Show And Suggest A Comeback Is Not Far Off

Headlines 07.29.14 | 07:22AM EDT

Girls' Generation fans are excited to see what's in store for the trio

SM Entertainment's New Girl Group “Red Velvet” Finally Unveiled

Headlines 07.29.14 | 01:20AM EDT

SM Entertainment's new girl group was finally unveiled. The group name is "Red Velvet."

SM Entertainment Releases Teaser For New Girl Group; f(x) Fans Express Anger

Headlines 07.27.14 | 11:13PM EDT

Red Velvet, the newest SM girl group, has released their teaser for ‘Happiness.’ Is it too soon for a new girl group, in light of developments with f(x)?

Super Junior Member Update: World Tour Starts September 20th + DVD Release

Headlines 07.26.14 | 02:05PM EDT

Super Junior continue to shine as one of K-Pop's most successful international acts

SM Entertainment Officially Addresses f(x) Sulli & Her Wish To Halt Promotional Activity

Headlines 07.25.14 | 06:42AM EDT

Sulli requested a halt to promotional activities due to emotional distress. Is this the end of f(x)?

Is Chanyeol The Savior Of EXO? [Opinion]

Features 07.23.14 | 06:42AM EDT

EXO's Chanyeol has become a key figure in a group that has been plagued by scandals surrounding an alleged lawsuit and an idol relationship. Has Chanyeol evolved into the most important member of EXO?

EXO Member Update: Upcoming Singapore Concert + Baekhyun Opens Up On Instagram

Headlines 07.23.14 | 05:17AM EDT

Life still seems hectic for the remaining 11 members of EXO, and Kris appears to be moving on

SMROOKIES Taeyong Releases Rap Video

Headlines 07.22.14 | 11:45PM EDT

SM Entertainment's pre-debut team SMROOKIES released a rap video of member Taeyong.

A New Girls' Generation For SM Entertainment - K-Pop Label Will Debut Rookie Female Group Next Month

Headlines 07.22.14 | 07:13AM EDT

Another K-Pop girl group is set to debut - will they be a success?

Girls' Generation's Sunny Suffers From A Minor Eye Injury

Headlines 07.22.14 | 07:04AM EDT

Don't worry, the K-Pop girl group star will be okay!

SM's Indie Band Play The Siren Debuts Today

Headlines 07.22.14 | 12:47AM EDT

SM Entertainment's indie label BALJUNSO's urban music group Play the Siren will debut today with their debut album released on July 21.

K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories In American News (Week Of July 14 - July 20, 2014)

Headlines 07.21.14 | 06:40AM EDT

K-Pop news that appeared in U.S. news media for the week of July 14 - 20, 2014.

SMROOKIES Opens Official Website

Headlines 07.18.14 | 02:13AM EDT

SM Entertainment opened the website for their predebut team SMROOKIES on July 17.

f(x) & How K-Pop May Not Be Ready For The Witch House Genre

Features 07.12.14 | 04:45PM EDT

f(x) plays tribute to the electronic dance music genre Witch House for "Red Light."

Super Junior-M Henry Releases Teaser For 'Fantastic' Comeback

Headlines 07.08.14 | 02:25AM EDT

Super Junior-M member Henry is ready to make his comeback with 'Fantastic.'

Album Review: f(x) Take Listeners On A Unique Journey With Their New Album ‘Red Light’ [AUDIO]

Reviews 07.08.14 | 02:00AM EDT

The ladies of f(x) demonstrate their determination to dominate K-Pop dance music with their newest album, ‘Red Light.’

EXO Dominates Social Media: 'Overdose' Of Fans On Twitter, Instagram & YouTube

Features 07.06.14 | 09:40AM EDT

Fans can't seem to get enough of the EXO members on social media

f(x) Members Are Mature, Sexy & Sophisticated For 'High Cut' Magazine

Headlines 07.03.14 | 06:38AM EDT

f(x) are all mature as they posed on the recent issue of magazine, 'High Cut.'

EXO Shows Off Behind-The-Scenes & Rehearsal Photos From Their Chongqing, China Concert

Headlines 06.30.14 | 06:55AM EDT

Take a look at how the guys got ready to wow their Chinese fans

Did Taeyeon's SNS Apology Make Things Worse For EXO Baekhyun? [Opinion]

Features 06.29.14 | 10:31AM EDT

Girls' Generation Taeyeon issued a heartfelt apology to fans through SNS, which may have backfired on the newly revealed couple.

EXO's Lay Gets Teary Eyed In Preview For Next Week's Episode Of 'Happy Camp'

Stars on TV / Movies 06.29.14 | 10:06AM EDT

Next week's episode of 'Happy Camp' will feature EXO.

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