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f(x) Amber To Perform Alongside Zhoumi For Debut Stages On This Week's Music Shows

Headlines 10.30.14 | 09:11PM EDT

f(x) Amber will be collaborating with Zhoumi for his upcoming debut stage

Big Three Korean Entertainment Companies Going Up Against Each Other In November

Features 10.30.14 | 07:55AM EDT

Korea's top three record labels YG, SM, and JYP will turn up the pressure this November with high profile comebacks and debuts.

SM Entertainment Release A Teaser Of New Solo Male Artist

Headlines 10.29.14 | 03:34AM EDT

SM Entertainment is preparing a new male solo singer.

SM Entertainment's New Male Solo Artist Is Super Junior-M Member Zhoumi

Headlines 10.28.14 | 06:37AM EDT

After a mysterious teaser announcement on October 27, SM Entertainment has revealed that another Super Junior-M member will follow in Henry's footsteps as the label's newest solo singer.

Fans Are Responding To Recent K-Pop Scandals Through MAMA 2014 Votes [Opinion]

Features 10.28.14 | 06:17AM EDT

Despite recent lineup changes, EXO fans are banding together to lead one of the strongest votes for MAMA 2014.

Voting Is Open For MAMA 2014: Taeyang, 2NE1, EXO, Ailee & CNBLUE Are In The Lead

Headlines 10.27.14 | 10:55AM EDT

EXO, Taeyang, and Ailee are taking the lead in numerous categories for MAMA 2014.

K-Pop's Prerequisite Idol Trainee Period Criticized Following SM Entertainment Artist Exodus

Hot Issues 10.25.14 | 10:38AM EDT

Foreign trainees and the lengthy trainee period are seen as being problematic.

Jessica Denies Marriage Rumors And Reveals She Doesn't Plan On Getting Hitched Anytime Soon

Hot Issues 10.24.14 | 12:12PM EDT

Former Girls' Generation member Jessica has officially come forward regarding the marriage rumors surfacing the internet.

SM Entertainment Addresses f(x) Krystal's Fainting Spell

Headlines 10.22.14 | 02:07PM EDT

According to SM, Krystal is feeling better and has returned to her 'My Lovely Girl' filming schedule.

Despite Recent Controversies, 'SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IV' Heats Up Shanghai

Headlines 10.20.14 | 11:44AM EDT

On October 20, a photo was released on SMTown's official global twitter with Group S, Super Junior and Girls' Generation.

Tao Shares Hope That EXO Will Remain Strong As 10 Members

Headlines 10.19.14 | 07:14PM EDT

The EXO member posted a picture of a bracelet with ten diamonds to his Instagram and expressed his wish for the group to stay strong with the remaining ten members.

Krystal Of f(x) Reportedly Faints During SMTOWN Concert In Shanghai, Reignites Concerns About The Mistreatment Of SM Entertainment Artists

Hot Issues 10.18.14 | 02:12PM EDT

According to fan reports, f(x) member Krystal fainted while exiting the stage following the group's performance of "Red Light" at a concert in Shanghai.

Girls' Generation Member Update: Jessica Leaves The Group, 'Holler' Plagiarism Accusations & 'I Got A Boy' YouTube Milestone

Headlines 10.14.14 | 10:04PM EDT

What's up with Girls' Generation?

K-Wave Stateside: K-Pop Stories In American News (Week Of October 6 - 11, 2014)

Headlines 10.13.14 | 11:40PM EDT

K-Pop news that appeared on U.S. online media for the week of October 6 - 11, 2014.

'My Fandom's Been Hit' How To Cope With K-Pop Scandals And Tragedies

Features 10.12.14 | 01:32PM EDT

Four tips from one fan to other fans about how to deal with bad news from your favorite K-Pop groups.

Is SM Entertainment Finding It Harder To Manage Large Groups And Artist Desires For More Career Control?

Headlines 10.11.14 | 09:20AM EDT

Analysts quoted by the Wall Street Journal suggest this is the case.

SM Entertainment Stocks Down 15% After EXO's Luhan Files Lawsuit, YG Entertainment Pulls Ahead

Headlines 10.11.14 | 08:57AM EDT

Closing at 31,200 KRW per share on Friday, rival YG Entertainment has reportedly overtaken SM Entertainment in company size and market value.

SM Entertainment Issues Official Statement Addressing Luhan's Lawsuit Allegations, EXO Will Promote As 10

Hot Issues 10.10.14 | 06:52AM EDT

SM Entertainment has confirmed the fear of fans, stating that EXO will now continue without Luhan.

Scandals Continue To Flood SM Entertainment As EXO-M's Luhan Reportedly Files Lawsuit Against The Company

Headlines 10.09.14 | 10:33PM EDT

SM Entertainment suffers another blow as another EXO member allegedly challenges his contract

Let's Discuss: EXO Luhan & Departure Rumors [Blog]

Hot Issues 10.08.14 | 06:24AM EDT

A look at what it means that EXO fans are worried about Luhan leaving the group, and why it would be horrible for EXO if he did.

f(x) Victoria, Condolences For Lee Soo Man's Wife "Lee Soo Man Is Like Our Second Father"

Buzz 10.06.14 | 03:20AM EDT

Girl group f(x)'s member Victoria sent her condolences for Lee Soo Man's wife Kim Eun Jin.

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