Woollim Entertainment

Woollim Entertainment To Debut Eight Member Female Group Next Month

Headlines 10.08.14 | 07:20AM EDT

Woollim Entertainment will debut a female group in which three members have already been announced: Baby Soul, Yoo Ji Ae, and Lee Mi Joo

INFINITE Pumps Fans Up For Comeback With 'Last Romeo' Concept Photo

Headlines 05.11.14 | 01:50PM EDT

Looking handsome in white, INFINITE is close to a return with 'Last Romeo'

Group TASTY To Attend And Perform At China's 'YINYUE V-CHART Awards'

Headlines 04.14.14 | 08:33AM EDT

Duo TASTY will be performing at the China 'YINYUE V-Chart Awards'.

Beat Out the OST's - Major Entertainment Companies To Release Albums

Headlines 02.14.14 | 06:31AM EST

The first month of K-Pop was dominated by drama and movie OST's. As YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk said, it may have been a sign that the K-Pop scene was devoid of "good" music.

SHINee Key & INFINITE Nam Woohyun Form Unit Group, February Debut?

Headlines 01.25.14 | 06:44AM EST

SHINee's Key and INFINITE's Nam Woohyun have decided to form a unit, and may debut as early as next month.

INFINITE’s Sunggyu to Appear on ‘Running Man’

Stars on TV / Movies 12.17.13 | 03:06AM EST

Group INFINITE member Sunggyu was spotted in Jeonju.

WOOLIM ENT Reveals Their Newest Girl Group Set to Debut in Early 2014

Stars on TV / Movies 11.05.13 | 02:41AM EST


If You Were an Idol, Which Agency Would You Choose? Netizens’ Number 1 Pick: SM Entertainment

Headlines 09.19.13 | 09:54AM EDT

Netizens chose SM Entertainment as their number 1 choice of agency.

SM Entertainment’s Next Group to Follow INFINITE

Headlines 08.20.13 | 07:45AM EDT

INFINITE was just the beginning.

INFINITE Move Into SM Town – Why The Woollim Merger Is Good For Everyone

Hot Issues 08.10.13 | 02:12PM EDT

The members of INFINITE share with fans their thoughts about the new Woollim Label

SM Entertainment Forms 'Woollim Label' - 'We Will Take Our Place As The First Major Global Music Group In Korea'

Headlines 08.09.13 | 01:30AM EDT

SM Entertainment's SM C&C merges with Woollim Entertainment to form 'Woollim Label'

K-Pop Review: INFINITE H - Fly High [Debut Mini Album]

Headlines 01.12.13 | 03:16AM EST

A review on INFINITE's sub-unit, INFINITE H's first mini album.

INFINITE H's 'Special Girl' Teaser of Music Video

Headlines 01.08.13 | 04:20PM EST

INFINITE H released another music video teaser from their debut mini-album Fly High.

INFINITE H Reveals Teaser Video for 'Fly High'

Headlines 01.07.13 | 07:51AM EST

INFINITE's hip-hop unit, INFINITE H, released first video teaser for "Fly High."

January Frenzy!: Comeback and Debut Overview

Headlines 01.07.13 | 07:42AM EST

With the start of a new year, the k-pop world is going to blown with numerous comebacks and debuts. Some are no doubt still rumors and some are ready to make the stage.

INFINITE H Reveals Concept Image, 'Shocking Transformation'

Headlines 01.04.13 | 09:26AM EST

INFINITE members Hoya and Dong Woo have come together as a unit group called INFINITE H.

INFINITE Visits Sunggyu at MV Filming Site, Revealing Loyalty and Friendship

Etc 11.08.12 | 03:57PM EST

INFINITE visited their leader Sunggyu's filming site for his solo music video with a cake, congratulating him.

Woollim Entertainment Presents a New Teaser

Headlines 10.25.12 | 09:17AM EDT

Woollim Entertainment released a teaser for a new project.

INFINITE to Hold Japan Arena Tour Starting October 27

Headlines 10.25.12 | 08:47AM EDT

Idol group INFINITE will begin their Japan arena tour on October 27.

INFINITE Hoya-Dongwoo to Perform as Unit Group

Headlines 08.07.12 | 10:56AM EDT

Popular idol group INFINITE prepared a special surprise gift for their fans.

Rookie Male Duo Tasty Reveals 2nd Teaser!

Headlines 08.03.12 | 08:55PM EDT

Male duo Tasty revealed their faces with their second teaser.

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