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Psy Reveals Comical Poster for 'Happening' Solo Concert in Seoul

By Staff Writer | March 28, 2013 09:35 AM EDT

Psy Reveals Comical Poster for 'Happening' Solo Concert in Seoul
Psy Reveals Comical Poster for 'Happening' Solo Concert in Seoul (Photo : d)

Singer Psy revealed a poster for his solo concert and gained much attention.

Yesterday, he posted on his twitter, "Let us all come in white!" 

This poster was for his 'Happening' solo concert that is to be held on April 13.

In this poster, Psy's face has been added onto different people. The picture of him with figure skater Kwak Min Jung's body gained much attention. 

Kwak Min Jung also left a comment and retweeted this picture to show that she liked the poster.

Internet users commented, "This is so funny" and "Kwak Min Jung is now a star because of Psy."

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