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2PM picture at JYP Entertainment.

2PM's New Variety Show '2PM Wild Beat' Will Explore Nature and Get Part Time Jobs in Australia

Hot Issues 01.19.17 | 10:59AM EST

2PM's New variety show named "2PM Wild Beat" will be about how they try to find part time jobs and start the journey around Australia by the salary they got.

In this handout image provided by Madame Tussauds, Korean entertainer Kim Hyun-joong is measured up on August 15, 2012. Kim Hyun-joong’s wax figure was sculpted after he completed a sitting in 2012 and is wearing clothes personally donated from the star w

Kim Hyun Joong Continues Court Battle Against Ex-Girlfriend Ms. Choi

Issues 01.19.17 | 10:24AM EST

It's been years since "Playful Kiss" actor Kim Hyun Joong started his court battle with his ex-girlfriend who was widely known in her alias as Miss Choi.

PD Asks Suzy Something He Should Not Have

PD Asks Suzy Something He Should Not Have

Issues 01.19.17 | 05:41AM EST

In the first episode of “Off The Record: Suzy”, many viewers were commenting that a PD asked some inappropriate questions to Suzy while filming.

Exo's Kai to play lead role in 'Andante'

Exo's Kai Sets On Foot To TV Drama Acting; Netizens' Word Melee Blows Up

K-Drama 01.19.17 | 05:40AM EST

SM Company is happy to announce an upcoming Tv drama for their protege Kai, Netizens, however, are running the social media posts in a rampage. They are opposite him reprising a role on public television.

2NE1 Sandara Park

Sandara Park Opens Up About Her Insecurities, Calls Herself The Least Talented Member Of 2NE1

Hot Issues 01.18.17 | 09:19PM EST

In an interview with "Talking Street," 2NE1's Sandara Park opens up about her insecurities while she was a part of 2NE1.

 BTS attends KCON 2014 - Day 2 at the Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena on August 10, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.

One Of BTS Members Is Dating, According To Reporter Jin Ho Lee

Issues 01.18.17 | 08:40PM EST

According to reporter Jin Ho Lee, one of BTS members is dating but he didn't say the name. He also spilled other rumors about Wonder Girls will not renew the contract, Suzy will, and Min not. More rumors also spilled from her mouth.

Still image of Lee Si-An, nicknamed Daebak from the

Daebak Shows His Manly Side in ‘Superman Returns’

Hot Issues 01.18.17 | 08:27PM EST

Lee Si-An, who is more known as Daebak showed his manly side in the KBS variety show “Superman Returns” Episode 165. He gave away hug to members TWICE and took care of Lo-Hee.

Siwon of Super Junior arrives for the United Asian Film Night at the Chosun hotel during the 18th Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) on October 6, 2013 in Busan, South Korea.

Super Junior's Siwon Is About To Lose Big Amount Of Money For Making Bad Investment

Hot Issues 01.18.17 | 08:34AM EST

Super Junior bought a building an Apgu-jeong with the price higher than usual. Making renovation and also loan some money, it turn out that the place is not really good for business. having no tenants until now, he is about to sell it with reduced price, making him lose money.

Jang Keun-Suk in one of the photo from his social media account.

Jang Keun-Suk Will Not Host the ‘Produce 101’ Season 2

Music Show / Music Chart 01.17.17 | 09:15PM EST

“Produce 101” Season 2 will rub without its first season’s host Jang Keun-Suk and producer Han Dong-Cheol. The singing competition also encounter other shortcomings to start the second season.

[BREAKING] Rain confirms wedding with Kim Tae Hee through handwritten letter to fans!

Rain, Kim Tae Hee Engaged: K-pop Star Announces Upcoming Wedding On Social Media, Fans Shower Long-Term Couple With Well Wishes

Hot Issues 01.17.17 | 09:47AM EST

Rain, Kim Tae Hee getting married soon, good news released by "Full House" actor on Instagram.

Lee Min Ho, Bae Suzy wedding: 3 Reasons why the couple might be putting their marriage on hold

Suzy Bae, Lee Min Ho Relationship News: 'Uncontrollably Fond' Actress Thailand Photo Controversy, Dating Habits With 'LOTBS' Actor Revealed In Reality Show

Stars on TV / Movies 01.17.17 | 05:40AM EST

Suzy Bae and Lee Min Ho continues to be bombarded with breakup rumors as they continue to soar high in their respective careers.

ZE:A’s Kwanghee

ZE: A's Kwanghee Is Off To the Barracks'; Fans Send Well Wishes

Features 01.16.17 | 09:57AM EST

ZE: A's Kwanghee picks his backpack for a milira=tary enlistment soon. He leaves behind a six-man challenge (infinite Challenge) running with just five members.

Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls Photo Removed From JYP Building, Agency Representatives Respond

Hot Issues 01.16.17 | 04:21AM EST

Wonder Girls Photo Removed From JYP Building

DoA in the promotional picture of the Sol.T single

Member Of Girl Group Sol.T Will Debut As MMA Fighter; Fans Are Shocked

Breaking News 01.15.17 | 07:41PM EST

Member Of Girl Group Sol.T Will Debut As MMA Fighter; Fans Are ShockedDoA from Sol.T announced that she will debut as an MMA fighter in Korean MaxFC. She is currently trained in the MaxFC gym to prepare for her first fight.

Hong Sang-Soo signs an autograph in 65th San Sebastian Fillm Festial for his movie Yourself and Yours” produced by Jeonwonsa Movie.

Hong Sang-Soo Is Seen With Kim Min-Hee Again In New Movie After Scandalous Affair

Scandals 01.15.17 | 07:40PM EST

Acclaimed film director Hong Sang-Soo is currently working with actress Kim Min-Hee in his new movie. They were involved in an affair last year which made Hong’s wife filed for divorce.

Dx and Joshua in a subway ride.

DK, Joshua Ride The Subway; Netizens Rant Over Non- Sensitivity to Pregnant Women

Issues 01.13.17 | 01:28AM EST

DX and Joshua are in hot waters after the netizens rant over them taking the seats for pregnant women. This was in connection to a subway ride that the duo took at the Metropolitan DSubway station in Seoul.

Welcome note from Artist Company for Go-Ara, which she posted to her Instagram.

Go-Ara Leaves SM Entertainment To Join Lee Jung-Jae’s Agency Artist Company

Hot Issues 01.13.17 | 12:38AM EST

After 13 year with SM Entertainment, actress Go-Ara leaves the agency to join Artist Company, owned by fellow actors Lee Jung-Jae and Jung Woo-Sung.

Couple photos of Sulli and Choiza from their Instagram accounts.

Here’s How Sulli and Choiza Became A Couple

Issues 01.12.17 | 12:21PM EST

Former f(x) member Sulli and Choiza have been spotted dating several times and their respective SNS accounts have been flooded by their couple photos. But, have you ever wondered how the two became a couple?

BTS GQ Korea

BTS To Stage A Comeback This Coming February

Hot Issues 01.11.17 | 07:18PM EST

Will BTS really be making a comeback this February? Find out here.

Jisoo Blackpink

SM Entertainment Tried To Recruit BLACKPINK's Jisoo When She Was Still A YG Trainee!

Hot Issues 01.11.17 | 03:22AM EST

SM Entertainment apparently recognized the star potential in BLACKPINK's Jisoo as well.

Suzy in one of the profile picture.

Suzy Will Return To Music And Release Her Solo Album ‘Yes? No?’ This Month

Comeback / Teaser / Music Video 01.10.17 | 07:57PM EST

Miss A member Bae Suzy returns to music with her solo album "Yes? No?" scheduled to release in the third week of January.

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