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Brown Eyed Girls Gain ate One Meal a Day before Shooting Psy 'Gentleman' MV

By Richard Lee | April 16, 2013 02:22 PM EDT

Brown Eyed Girls Gain ate One Meal a Day before Shooting Psy 'Gentleman' MV

Singer Gain, the sexy female dancer featured in Psy's "Gentleman," revealed that she resorted to eating one meal a day for a week prior to shooting the music video. "I did not see much results but I was at peace in my mind, at least", she recounted.

"I came on board a week before filming and I was far more nervous than I was when preparing for my own comeback stage. I had revealing outfits waiting for me but a week was too short to go on a real diet regimen. So I just ate one meal a day. I did not see much results but I felt better in my head", Gain added.

One of the signature dance moves from "Gentleman" is actually from Gain's previous song "Abracadabra" by her group, Browneyed girls.

Though "Gentleman" has turned the world upside down and has more than 90 million YouTube hits in less than a week, Gain herself has not had a chance to feel the effect because her computer is under repair. "People around me are going crazy but I don't really feel any different. But the exponential YouTube hits are unbelievable. The Psy effect is enormous", she stated. Asked about stories of Psy during the shoot, Gain commented on Psy's consistency despite circumstances. "He went 48 hours without sleep. I, myself, get exhausted and in turn extremely irritable when I am sleep-deprived. But he was a respectable, respectful leader of over 100 dancers and staff throughout the whole process. I need to learn that, too."

"Also, the day of the shoot was his manager's birthday. I'm sure he had so much on his mind, but he still managed to show his appreciation toward his manager during the busy day. Honestly, I felt a bit intimidated before the shoot because Psy seems to be in a different league now. But he was nothing but friendly and down to earth, so it was fun working with him", Gain added.

Asked about potential moves to other continents, Gain kept her poker face. "I would love to grab it if given the chance, but I will continue to do what I have been doing as a singer and see where that takes me. I won't change course out of nowhere."

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