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‘Supergirl’ vs ‘Jessica Jones’: CBS Cancelling Series As Fans Rave On The Netflix-Marvel Show?

By Marishen Lyle Primero Malulan | November 26, 2015 01:33 PM EST

The "Supergirl" vs "Jessica Jones" saga continues to be talked about online amid rumors that many people have been preferring the new Netflix-Marvel series.

In an item on SheKnows, it was mentioned that Melissa Benoist's series "could be in danger of cancellation" amid the new obsession about Krysten Ritter's new show. The report even compared the reasons why Jones was better than Kara Zor-El. Over at Twitter, fans have been choosing the Marvel series according to the report.

Although there has been no news yet if CBS will cancel or renew the series, Kara Zor-El fans have nothing to worry about Melissa Benoist TV series rumors though. As told by Zap2It's TV by the numbers on Nov. 4, the CBS series had a 3.1 rating index when it came to the prediction of getting renewed for another season.

Amid the "Supergirl" vs "Jessica Jones" debate, Forbes has reported that there shouldn't be no comparison at all as both female characters present different battles that many men and women face.

"'Jessica Jones' is a show about the importance of fighting past trauma and not letting it define who you are, contributor Merrill Barr noted. "'Supergirl' is a show about the unrelenting strive for optimism in a sea of seemingly impossible to surmount cynicism."

Hypable even insisted that instead of "Supergirl" vs "Jessica Jones" the versus should be changed to "and." According to the article, the comparison should be stopped as they both present the various issues that need to be addressed. Both female leads in the TV series also call out to different audiences too as while Melissa Benoist's series was family-friendly, Krysten Ritter's series has a darker plot.

Even in social media, netizens have started to have a change of heart since the debate over the two superheroes began. Now, many were saying that both series should be watched and appreciated.

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