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‘Matrix Trilogy’ ‘Matrix 4’ Update: The Title Rumored To Be ‘The Matrix Resurrection’

By Sunia Mukherjee | March 22, 2016 09:27 AM EDT

Keanu Reeves the heartthrob of millions has been churning hits one after the other in the last few years. The fans of the matrix trilogy series are waiting for the fourth instalment and as per the latest updates, the ''Matrix 4'' might be named ''The Matrix Resurrection.''

Date release talked in details about the rise of ''Matrix'' franchise and mentioned ''In 2012, people started talking that The Matrix might be, in fact, not a trilogy, but tetralogy.'' The fans were waiting for the updates on this movie; however, the Wachowski brothers released ''Jupiter Ascending'' in 2015.

''It would seem that the history of Neo, The Chosen One in the future sci-fi verse, who was able to cope with the Matrix, has not been forgotten. The Wachowski siblings still believe in the continuation of the saga.''

''Keanu Reeves as Neo may also appear in the new movie in The Matrix verse. Though there is no an official statement yet and all this leak about The Matrix 4 can be just a speculation. Watch our updates to learn more'' is what they mentioned about the upcoming prequel of Matrix.

The writer Paul Martin of wrote ''Could 'Jupiter Ascending' lead to more Matrix films?'' They talked that based on the success of ''Jupiter Ascending,'' there might be more movies made on ''The Matrix Franchise.'' ''A new Matrix trilogy may depend on the success of #JupiterAscending, talks have taken place. Although JA is an attempt at a new franchise'' tweeted G@BRIELGR@Y in Feb. 2015.

IMDb had reported way back in 2011, ''Keanu Reeves Says Matrix 4 and 5 are Coming.'' It has been more than five years and there are no new updates. However, YouTube has the trailer of ''Matrix 4'' uploaded.

In other news, the talented actor Reeves is all set to steal the heart of the TV audience with his upcoming series ''Swedish Dicks.'' He is also going to be featured in the sequel of ''John Wick'' and the movie will be released sometime in 2016 or 2017.

So how long will the fans have to wait for the release of the fourth instalment of ''The Matrix?'' Kpopstarz will keep the fans posted. 


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