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Mariah Carey’s Drug Addict And HIV Positive Sister Alison Pleas For Financial Help: Brother Morgan Calls Her An ‘’Evil Witch’’

By Sunia Mukherjee | May 03, 2016 12:29 AM EDT

Mariah Carey has been in the news for either her relationship with Casino Mogul James Packer or for her Music world tour where she received a very warm response from her fans. However, in a not so pleasant news, the sister of the pop diva Mariah Carey, Alison Carey has requested for financial help for paying her medical bills.

SMH had reported sometime back about this news. ''Alison Carey, 54, appealed to the mother of two, 46, who is engaged to Australian billionaire James Packer, to put their past differences aside and give her the money she needs to pay her medical debt and rehabilitation.'' Unfortunately the sister of Mariah is HIV positive and is a former drug addict and prostitute.

"Mariah I love you and I desperately need your help, please don't abandon me like this," she told in a video clip. too talked about this news. ''MARIAH Carey's sister Alison has made a desperate video plea to her sibling asking for help after their brother labelled the Grammy winner an "evil witch" reported the article.

The video is uploaded on the site. It was also reported that the pop diva did not speak with her sister since 1994. So now since she is about to start a new life with James Packer, will she listen to the pleas of her sister who is ailing and needs her financial and emotional support? ''Alison, who was taken off a respirator last year managed to pull through, is slated to undergo brain and spinal surgery in what Morgan is intimating could be a lifesaving treatment'' reported the article.

"Your sister is dying and she is struggling and where are you? You think you are so fabulous, but you are a witch," the brother of Mariah Carey Morgan stated. Morgan also thinks that his sister is a gold digger and is with Packer only for his money. ''I don't even think Mariah is in love with James, she's only in love with herself. She is evil," Morgan said. "She has always been that way. It's her $7 million engagement ring she is in love with.''

So now since the siblings of this popular diva are blaming her, is it because she is famous and successful and they live a mediocre life? "It is so tragic that while she is out flashing her big diamond ring to anyone who will pay attention, she can't lift a finger to help her dying sister," Morgan said.

So is it a moral responsibility of a sibling to support the other one even if they have wasted money and health on drug and other evils? Morgan talked about Alison's $1.6 million of inheritance from her father Alfred Carey when he died in 2002 which she blew up in drugs.

So what do the readers think? Please pen down your thoughts here.

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