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Twice Achieves Certified All-Kill Plus Talks About IOI’s Somi, JYP and 'TT' Choreography

By Jaswin Singh | October 25, 2016 05:12 AM EDT

Twice has just released their title track "TT" and third mini album "Twicecoaster: Lane 1" and they have achieved certified all kill. They also did their showcase yesterday and were asked about their label mate Somi who is also currently promoting "Very Very Very" together with IOI.

Allkpop has reported that Twice has already achieved certified all-kill with "TT" just after two days of release. A certified all-kill happens when a song hits number one on both daily and real time segments on all eight major music charts. Twice in now at number one spot in the real time iChart. If the girls can move up to number one on the weekly iChart they will be having their first perfect all-kill for "TT".

Twice said in their Showcase that they are happy that Somi has gained a lot of love from "Produce 101" and for being in IOI. Nayeon said that she feels proud and honoured that Somi, the kid who practiced with them is now getting 1st place for "Very Very Very" with IOI. She added that instead of competing, they feel like it is an opportunity for both groups to grow, learn and work harder. Chaeyoung, Somi's best friend in Twice, added that Somi immediately called her after the release of "TT". Somi told her that she absolutely loves the song and it is so good.

They also talked about how JYP composed IOI's new song "Very Very Very". The members said they are not jealous because JYP also takes care of them. Furthermore, Momo talked about how JYP complimented their "TT" choreography saying it was very cute. Nayeon added that they thought about it a lot and came up with the "TT" emoticon sad face afterwards.

The members also talked about other things during their showcase yesterday. It was also previewed live on their V-App account. If you haven't watched their super cute "TT" performance, here it is. 

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