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CJ Entertainment releases intenational trailer of “My Annoying Brother”; D.O. says respect of co-star Jo Jung-Sook

By Menahem Zen | October 28, 2016 10:37 PM EDT

CJ Entertainment recenly releases international trailer of the new film “Hyung” (형) with the official English title “My Annoying Brother.” One of the cast Do Kyung-Soo express his admiration to co-star Jo Jung-Sook for his remarkable acting.

CJ has released the official International trailer of the movie “형”(Hyung) which literally mean “Big Brother” on Friday, Oct. 28. The new film starring Jo Jung-Sook and promising young actor Do Kyung-Soo is released with an official English title “My Annoying Brother.”

The movie is scheduled to release on Nov. 30 according to ET News. The comedy drama tells the story of a promising national judo athlete Doo-Young (Do), while his brother, a swindler and convict Doo-Sik (Jo) is released from the prison because of his younger brother’s achievement.

One day, Doo-Young has an accident that gave him a temporary blindness. Doo-Sik suddenly appears in Doo-Young’s live, and they start to stay in the same house together.

From then on, the unexpected and hilarious events keeps occurring, because the two brothers have never met for 15 years. Moreover, Doo-Sik’s reputation as a swindler will trouble them. Doo-Young will be very annoyed to his troublesome big brother, hence the title of the movie.

Do expressed his admiration to his seonbae Jo in the press conference on Oct. 26. He said that he wanted to resemble Jo who can become a different person in real life and in the movie. While Jo also praised his hoobae (junior) as reported by Star Chosun.

Do is known as a member of Korean boy group EXO whose popularity has reached international level. While Jo is a former musical actor who has a lot of experience in acting and his drama “Jealousy Incarnate” is currently airing on SBS.

The press conference was held in one of CGV movie theater in Seoul. The director Kwon Soo-Kyung also attended the press conference, along with the other cast Park Sin-Hye. The movie “My Annoying Brother” is scheduled to release on Nov. 30.

Watch the official International trailer of the movie “My Annoying Brother” from CJ Entertainment below:

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