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The Reason Why BTS Won't Be Making a US Debut

By Carlo Rodriguez | November 05, 2016 01:01 AM EDT


There is no doubt that right now, BTS is at the helm of the k-pop scene. Their recently released album WINGS had topped numerous local and foreign charts and had even managed to enter the Billboard 200 chart, placing at no. 26, the highest position ever achieved by a k-pop act. WINGS would go on to break records upon many records further cementing BTS status as a k-pop icon. Now, with all the success that they had achieved not only in their home country of South Korea but also on the international music scene, one would definitely wonder if the boys of BTS ever plan to formally debut in the US market.

Breaking into the US market isn't something that is easy to do and up till now, only Psy had been able to actually compete in the US mainstream music. However there are also other k-pop artists that have been noticed by the US market such as Girls' Generation, Wonder Girls, BIGBANG and 2NE1. But now that BTS is getting serious attention, it is highly possible for them to make a US debut if they play their cards right.

According to Allkpop, Bang Si Hyuk, who happens to be the president of BTS's talent agency Big Hit Entertainment, had recently talked to OSEN and discussed what plans they have for the group and finally shed light on the US debut issue.

"An artist receiving incredible attention from the US market in a k-pop genre is entirely different from breaking into the US market and competing with the artists there." The producer began. "It is my firm belief that BTS have gotten to where they are today because of their strength as a k-pop act and because of that, we will be focusing on their growth as k-pop artists and if they are able to reach the point where they're not just noticed by the US market but also becoming a part of that market then we would be so thankful. But for now, it would be extremely excessive for us to actively prepare for an overseas debut."

In all honesty, focusing on the k-pop market is definitely the wiser choice because according to Inquisitr, almost every k-pop act that had made a US transition has ultimately failed including Girls' Generation which is probably the most successful k-pop act in the Asian market.

CL of girl band 2NE1 had also made the transition and thankfully is not flopping. However, this can only be attributed to the fact that CL herself is working from the ground up. For now, let BTS be a k-pop group because that is definitely where there heart is.

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