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“Return of Superman” celebrates third anniversary; PD reveals his recipe for the program

By Menahem Zen | November 16, 2016 09:59 PM EST

KBS reality show “Return of Superman” celebrates the third anniversary with the return of original cast members Choo Sung-Hoon and his beautiful daughter Sarang to the show. PD Kang Bong-Kyu shares the program recipe to keep going for three years.

“Return of Superman” is one of the Happy Sunday Special aired every Sunday afternoon in KBS2 along with the variety show “1 Night 2 Days.” The program has been running since November 2013 as the Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) Special program. Afterward become the viewers favorite for their afternoon show.

This year, the program celebrate its 154th episodes with a surprise. The return of nation’s daughter Choo Sarang and her father Choo Sung-Hoon back to the show. The celebration took place in a Hanok (Korean traditional village) and cast members gathered together.

Comedian and host Lee Hwi-Jae with his twin son Seo-Eon and Seo-Jun, professional soccer player Lee Dong-Gook with his twin daughters So-Ra, Soo-Ah and Si-An, nicknamed Daebak. While Ki Tae-Young became guardian for the children of his senior actor Lee Beom-Soo, So-Eul and Da-Eul.

The Program Director (PD) of the “Return of Superman” Kang Byong-Gu shared the reason of the show longetivity as quoted by Korea Daily. He said the program has been going on for three years because the program invigorate people with the appearance of children in their natural environment.

The program “Return of Superman” follows the celebrity fathers who is in charge to take care of their children while their wives are given two days off. Other current members beside those who attended the third year anniversary are Ro-Hee, daughter of actor Ki Tae-Young, actors Oh Ji-ho with daughter So-Heun, actor In Gyo-Jin with daughter Ha-Eun and actor/hip-hop singer Yang Dong-Geun with daughter Joy.

One of the memorable former casts are the Song triplets, Dae-Han, Min-Guk, Man-Se which the combination of their name means “Long live Republic of Korea.” They are the sons of actor Song Il-Gook with have a distinctive charm. PD Kang even said that the second one, Min-Guk is a potential candidate for president of Korea as he said in an interview with YTN.

Watch the surprised appearance of Choo Sung-Hoon in the third anniversary celebration of “Return of Superman” with an English subtite from the KBS Word TV channel below:

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