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EXO's Baekhyun transforms into pretty high school girl

By Carlo Rodriguez | November 17, 2016 01:38 PM EST

Prepare to receive the shock of your lives because EXO's Baekhyun had recently transformed into a high school girl and even posted it on Instagram!

It's a common thing for k-pop idols to be very beautiful whether they're of the male or female gender. However, it still is amazing at how male idols can shock fans just by putting a little makeup and wearing a wig. But what's actually amazing about the Instagram post is the fact that Beakhyun does indeed look like a real girl and a beautiful one at that. If you weren't aware that the person in the image is actually Baekhyun, he could easily pass as a girl.

It is said that Baekhyun had already taken the picture and revealed her female alter ego when EXO-CBX shot a special clip during the EXO'RDIUM concert. Naturally, fans were ecstatic as to how beautiful Baekhyun looked and even gave him (or her) the nickname, "Baekhee", Koreaboo reports.

He promised to upload the photo in the instance that EXO-CBX win first place in a music show and fate would have it that they would win for their song 'Hey Mama' on the SBS music program The Show on November 15.

Baekhyun kept true to his word and immediately uploaded the image on his Instagram page saying how he kept his promise and that he would delete the post in 5 minutes. According to Soompi, the post was indeed deleted five minutes later.  

EXO-CBX is a subunit of the highly successful k-pop group EXO consisting of members Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin. The subunit first debuted last month with Hey Mama and had consistently topped several charts. However, while the subunit may be performing well, fans complained why they haven't won any music show awards yet. The boys explained that they were not in it to win awards as they have already done that with their mother group.

Thankfully, they won their first music show award on The Show.

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