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Netizens Add BLACKPINK Rose In Their Anti-waist Female Idol List

By analine Murphy | December 02, 2016 05:29 PM EST

In a recent public appearance, netizens were awe-struck by a figure of BLACKPINK Rose as she performs onstage. Tweets went afire resounding how she has put on a very skinny waist.

However, the response is more of disgust than appreciation. Apparently, she is sporting a 19-inch waistline.

The astonishment remains as she weighs 40 kgs with a 170 cm height to match. As the show closes, she became a full pledged addition to a list netizens coined "anti-waistline female artist."

According to K-Pop spectators, female artists have either "wasp" or "ant" waistlines. A "wasp waist" attributes to a Hollywood style of dressing likely introduced during the Victorian era.

Girls wore a corset to accentuate the waistline. They size it down by using high skirts, decorations on their bosoms or by using a wide belt. 

On the other hand, an "ant-waist" is a description that popped up in 2009 when Kara (DSP Media) evidently had a 20-inch waistline. 

That was the waist girth everyone used to compare it to BLACKPINK Rose's 19-inch waist per Yibada . Observers say it is way too small and could be hurting her health.

Guarding the waistline

Many wonder what prompts artists to oversee their waistline. A small waist, in particular, is what makes BLACKPINK Rose an attention-grabber. Many insist that stars retain their waistline to sustain an image.

In fact, handlers of many K-Pop artists introduce hiring professional instructors who add nutritionists to make sure they are running healthy lifestyles and maintaining a positive image in front of fans. A strict rule on diet restrictions is a must. They must observe an austere intake per Kpopranter  that comprises food like lettuce, corn or protein-rich food.

K-Pop fans often see v-shaped jaws, honey thighs, ant size waistlines, and S-shaped bodies hard to expect among their favorite celebrities.

To appease the concerns that her fans are settling with, BLACKPINK Rose has confided that she has gained additional girth to her waistline after the promotional tour she has done for her mother company, YG Entertainment.

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