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Lee Hi asks YG for solo concert

By jasmooOnce | December 08, 2016 05:05 AM EST

Lee Hi Is Asking YG For A Solo Concert
Lee Hi Is Asking YG For A Solo Concert (Photo : Lee HI / Facebook)

Lee Hi has said to her latest V-App with fans that she is in the middle of discussing her solo concert with YG Entertainment.

According to a Netizen Buzz article, Lee Hi said on her latest talk with her fans that she is not going to attend the year-end award shows even though she made a comeback this year. Instead, she will talk with YG and discuss a solo concert for the fans.

YG Entertainment and SBS has confirmed and announced that Big Bang, Sech Kies, and Blackpink will be present on their year-end festival or SAF. However, the same wasn't announced for YG Entertainment artists like AKMU and Lee Hi.

Fans are hoping that Lee Hi will indeed have a solo concert in place of not attending the year-end ceremonies. Since they will not be seeing their favorite artist during the year-end awards, they opt to watch a full show with just her.

Lee Hi did fan meets and "Lee Hi Seoulite Showcase" this year. She visited different Asian countries while touring. She also had a solo concert during 2013 "Secret Live RE HI." So another solo concert will likely happen.

She released her album "My Seoulite" this year with title tracks "My Star" and "Breathe" which was written by SHINee's Jonghyun. She first released it as half album on March 9 then released the whole album on April 20.

It is a joke in K-Pop that YG likes to keep his artists in the YG dungeon that is why they do not often perform on music shows. That joke will likely do not start if YG will let his artists perform more on music shows and year-end awards like this one.

Do you want to see Lee Hi on the year-end awards or on her own solo concert?

Whatever you answer is, watch Lee Hi's MV below!



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