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Top 5 Monster Rookies that Debuted in 2016

By Carlo Rodriguez | December 19, 2016 08:23 PM EST


2016 saw many fans bid farewell to some of k-pop's brightest stars like 4Minute and 2NE1 and sad as it may be it isn't all that bad. The year might have been racked with many awful disbands but 2016 isn't all that sad because it is also the year that these monster rookies debuted.

Last year, the k-pop world saw the rise of monster rookie groups like TWICE, SEVENTEEN and GFRIEND which definitely were three of the best debuts ever in 2015. But 2016 too had a number of mention-worthy debuts from what people can consider as monster rookies. Here are the top 5 monster rookies that debuted in 2016 courtesy of Koreaboo.


ASTRO made their first appearance back in 2015 but it is only this year that they had formally debuted with their track "Hide and Seek." The six-member boy group had already garnered a considerable following after their debut and with their adorable concept and their charming looks, who wouldn't fall in love with them?


Debuting early in January 2016, IMFACT had definitely made an impact (excuse the pun!) by utilizing people's love of color, adorable choreography along with fun and upbeat music through their debut track "Lollipop." The group had also made a comeback this November with a slightly darker track "Feel So Good."

3. NCT

Divided into different subunits, NCT may just be SM Entertainment's biggest group yet. The first subunit to debut was NCT U with their awesome track "The Seventh Sense" and was then followed by NCT 127 and NCT Dream.

2. I.O.I

Following the success of the reality survival show "Produce 101," I.O.I debuted with 11 members through their upbeat track "Dream Girls." The girl group had already gained a significant following due to Produce 101 but ever since their debut, their popularity increased even more. They made a comeback last October with the highly successful track "Very Very Very" but sadly, the girls are confirmed to be disbanding in 2017 as they are only a project launched by several entertainment companies and will be holding a final concert on January 20, 2017 as a last gift to their fans.

1.       BLACKPINK

YG Entertainment's newest and following 2NE1's disband, only remaining girl group. BLACKPINK debuted back in August with their incredibly successful track "BOOMBAYAH" which was then quickly followed with "Whistle." Both tracks achieved local and international fame making BLACKPINK the strongest group to debut this year. According to Soompi, BLACKPINK would be making an appearance at the 2016 SBS Gayo Daejun alongside fellow YG label mates BIGBANG and Sechs Kies.

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Which monster rookie group is your favorite? Let everyone know in the comments section below!

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