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‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’ maintains a high pace story in the final quarter of the drama

By Menahem Zen | December 27, 2016 10:55 PM EST

“Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” is absence to air in Monday, Dec. 27, to allow annual SBS year-end music special broadcast “SBS Gayo Daejeon” to be broadcasted. The drama return Tuesday and enter the final quarter of its story.

Prior to entering its final quarter of the story, “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” Episode 14 aired Tuesday, Dec. 20 scored 22.9 percent in the TnMS and 21.6 percent in TnMS. Last week’s episode 14 was viewed by approximately 3.12 million people in Korea. This Monday, the medical drama was not aired due to give way to the second part of SBS year-end music special broadcast “SBS Gayo Daejeon” which gained 7.0 percent ratings as reported by Focus News.

The drama continue its high pace of the story in the episode 14. As Teacher Kim caught Do Im-Boon lies after boasting about his experience which was not shown in the operating table. Teacher Kim iterated that doctor can lie with his mouth, but his surgical hands would never lie.

A former helper in Deoldam Hospital who secretly fled, Yeon-Hwa returned to the hospital. She introduced herself as a general surgeon and a former resident in Gangwon Hospital. This surprised everyone.

Another surprising incident occurred when suspected SARS patient who just returned from Saudi came to Deoldam Hospital. It turns out the patients only have a high fever because consuming unmarinated soy sauce crab.

The consistently interesting story with a realistic portrayal of medical cases have made “Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” to remain on top of list in the viewership ratings according to ET News. It is the complete opposite of the similar successful drama “Guardian/Goblin” which currently airing as well.

“Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim” brings the medical drama to be as realistic as possible, while “Guardian/Goblin” is the fantasy drama which is very far from being realistic. However, that factor, either being as realistic as possible or being as absurd as possible, is what fans wanted to watch.

Watch the highlight of Episode 14 as Teacher Kim caught Do Im-Boon lies below:

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