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[Opinion] BP Rania ‘Start With Fire’

By jasmooOnce | January 03, 2017 05:03 AM EST

[Opinion] BP Rania ‘Start With Fire’
[Opinion] BP Rania ‘Start With Fire’ (Photo : DR Music Rania / Twitter)

Rania is finally back, sort of.

BP Rania or as many of us know, Rania, is back with a newest song and music video. They have definitely changed their sounds just like how the members changed.

According to Allkpop, their comeback track "Start a Fire" has the same name as their new mini album. Their mini album's track list includes 1. Start a Fire 2. Make Me Ah 3. Killer (Remix) 4. Start a Fire (Eng Ver.)

The song "Start A fire" is a fun song with a jazzy sound to it. It also has some nice beat to it that adds a little spice to mid-tempo track. It is really simple and the vocals are good but definitely not like the old Rania. I feel like it sounded a bit old or outdated.

However, the lyrics of the song are very appropriate. It also reflects how badass Alex is. She is wearing this cute and colorful dress while spitting amazing rap lyrics. She does not even care if the lyrics are bit bold because she knows her rap is great.

With lines like, " See it's been obvious lately that your stock has been droppin' and I apologize for sayin your apology's floppin. The population is flockin Cock blockin and jockin and I'm suckin it down like a cocky concoction I won't sweat out my edges tryna put out no fires. I don't scratch no whips I don't slash no tires Yo I ain't no snitch I won't wear no wires I'm the truth So how I'm gon be down with a liar huh?"

On the other hand, as much as the lyrics were dope, the music video itself is very cheap. It is so obvious that not so much money was spent on it. The girls were just strutting their stuff. Looking good for the camera while they party around Seoul, not much is present or new.

Also, a very obvious thing about the MV is Alex not being present with the other girls. Her fans have complained about this thing during "Demonstrate" and it has happened again. Obviously, they want to see more of her so their label said she is going to be in the full choreo on their live performances.

I wasn't really expecting anything from them since I read somewhere that almost all the original members were gone. I just hope they will release a better song that will really showcase the new members' potential.

Watch the MV below and comment on it! 

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