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Kim Ha-Neul Admits Her Difficulties to Play Her Role In New Movie ‘Misbehavior’

By Menahem Zen | January 05, 2017 05:37 PM EST

Acclaimed actress Kim Ha-Neul said that she has difficulties to play her role as emotionally troubled teacher in new movie “Misbehavior.” She admitted that the character is really tough one especially the bed scene.

Kim said the it was difficult for her to convey the proper emotion in the bed scene as reported by JTBC News. She said that her character in the movie in the movie a senior teacher Hyo-Joo is someone with emotional problem. Therefore delivering a proper emotion in the bed scene is problematic.

“My character Hyo-Joo is a very difficult character,” Kim said. “She is an insane person and it is not easy to have a bed scene with such character.”

Story of the movie is a controversial one. It depicted the illicit relationship between a male student in high school with his two female teachers. Kim recently starred in the drama “On The Way To The Airport” which also tells a controversial story which occur in the society, but nobody is convenient to talk about or tell the story. Her latest drama tells the story of an adultery because of the relationship between husband and wife is getting cold.

Lately, Korean entertainment industry began produce drama and movie with topics that considered controversial in the drama and movie. The latest one is the JTBC drama “My Wife Is Having An Affair.”

In an interview with Hankook Ilbo, scriptwriter and movie director of “Misbehavior” Kim Tae-Yon revealed his intention to bring topics about the hardship female teachers face into his movie.

He said that he didn’t want to compromise with restrictions to deliver the message through his film. He acknowledged that there are many female teachers in Korea currently experience the same problems as the Kim’s character in the movie. Therefore, he wants to inform people that many teachers in Korea have emotional problems which lead to destructive behavior as a result of hardship they must endure.

Watch the trailer of the movie “Misbehavor” below:

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