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Twice Gets CF For Pocari Sweat And Finishes Filming In Australia Plus To Have A Concert

By jasmooOnce | January 11, 2017 03:26 AM EST

Twice is now the newest Pocari Sweat model!

JYP Entertainment's newest girl group has It all started with a fun fan edit but then Pocari Sweat made it real. Also, JYP Entertainment has announced that the trendy girl group will be having their first solo concert tiled "Twice Land".

Asian Junkie reported that a previous fan edit which shows Twice is fitted to be Pocari Sweat models is now a reality as Twice members are in Australia filming for the said commercial. Though at first, many fans thought Twice is having a vacation in Australia, it turns out that they are doing both.

Many Onces are applauding and thanking the fan who edited the picture. Even though it wasn't really the fan who decided for that CF deal, her/his fan edit probably shed some light to the marketing team of Pocari Sweat.

According to Koreaboo, the Twice members are really having fun in Australia. They are posting pictures and videos on their instagram and Twitter account.

The Japanese Twice members, Sana and Momo showed off their shocking and friendly personality. The two members started to randomly dance in the public place, specifically in Gold Coast, Australia.

While in Australia, Twice took some worthy time off after being super successful last year. They are totally having a blast walking around the amazing country.

Meanwhile, Twice will be having their first ever solo concert next month. JYP Entertainment has posted on their social media accounts a poster of Twice's first ever concert.

Twice's "Twice Land" will be a three day concert. The concert will start on February 17 to 19. JYP Entertainment has also posted the ticket selling and the types of tickets.

Are you excited to see how the Pocari Sweat CF will turn out with Twice?

Are you also excited to see what performances Twice members has in store for us?

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