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Stunning Locations Must Visit in Korea Based On MV Shoot For Idols

By Siti Fatimah | January 11, 2017 10:00 AM EST

There are so many beautiful places as the location for music video. The beauty is really no joke and you might want to visit those stunning places. Even without the MV, there are many tourists coming fro overseas to see how beautiful the landmarks in Korea.

If you are K-Pop fans, how about traveling to beautiful places as seen on MV? You will not believe that the idols shot their MV in Korea and not other country. While you are at your trip, you can play the MV and compare it. It is like taking trip based on MV that you like.

Here are those nice locations that you can visit, according to report from koreaboo:

1.       Choong Ang Boys High School

It is the location of Gfriend's MV "Rough". The architecture is great. You will see big grey building and in the center, the tall building is like a castle.

2.       Gyeonggi English Village

For the MV of Super Junior's "Magic", K-Will's "Day 1", and EXO's "Miracle in December". As its name the architecture is like European style and it seems that you are in Western country.

3.       Yongma Land

For MV Beast's "Ribbon". It is an amusement park which is closed and abandoned. There are growing weed all over, so it looks mysterious and creepy yet stunning at the same time because you can take a great picture from the park as the background.

4.       Busan

With the beauty of the sea, you can see great view in this place. One of Apink's MV was shot here.

5.       Jeju Island

There are many places to explore here. Boyfriend's "To My Bestfriend" was shot here. Even, without the MV, you will be stunned with this island because it has a lot of charm. People are also friendly and helpful.

More beautiful places shown in MV according to report from are Namsan Tower, Danpo Bridge with its Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, Gwanghamum Plaza, Han River, and many more. Since there are too many options for you, you can choose based on your favorite.

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