GOT7 Take A Turbulent Turn To Singapore For Their Fan Meet

By iReporter Team | January 14, 2017 10:04 AM EST

GOT7 were back again in Singapore for their "Flight Log: Turbulence" on the December 11.

The event happened at the Big Box where it was filled with IGOT7s. When the lights deemed, the face was filled with the screams of fans and also the lights from their light stick. The boys took their positions on stage, and started the fan meet with ballads 'Let Me' and 'Prove It' to soothe the hearts of the fans.

GOT7 greeted their fans and the whole crowd went wild. Recently, Jackson won 2 awards in China. They gave him a celebratory cake to commemorate his win. Jackson gave his speech to the fans and also his members whom have been his support since day 1. The next segment was Q&A session. The members picked a Post-It each and read out the respective request or question from the fans. The boys did everything that they were requested of, i.e. BamBam did Twice 'TT' dance, Jackson kissed all the members and JB did an aegyo, just to make it memorable for the fans.

They went on to perform their second set of songs "Boom Boom Boom" and "No Jam". Next was games time! The boys were split into two teams - the hyungs' team and the maknaes' team. They had to guess what's in the box only by using the sense of touch. The first item was ginger, and the second item was cinnamon. The boys played the second game with lucky fans. The winner of the game took a photo with GOT7 as a present.

After the games, GOT7 continued to heat the crowd with "FLY", "If You do". The fan meet was coming to an end. Each member expressed the warmness and the energy they received from the fans each time they visited. GOT7 promised to be back and plead fans to wait for them till the next time. Finally they performed their newest song "Hard Carry" which got their fans up on their seat and sing along with the boys. After their last song, the boys greeted their fans goodbye and left.

However the crowd wanted more and they screamed for encore. The boys went back again to the stage and ended the fan meet with "Home Run". The boys took their time to say goodbye by going around every edges of the stage to send their goodbyes to all the fans who had attended their fan meet.

We hope that the fans had an enjoyable moment with GOT7 and will patiently wait for GOT7 to come back to give us a next full-fledged concert soon.

Special thanks to Three Angles Group and IME Productions Singapore for inviting to cover GOT7 "Flight Log: Turbulence" in Singapore 2016.

Writer: Hanisah | Photo Credits: Ong Melin

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