Comparing The 3rd Generation Boy Band Debuts Of 'The Big 3'

Features 08.27.14 | 07:59AM EDT

SM, JYP, and YG's third generation boy groups: EXO, GOT7, and WINNER and their respective debuts. How do they measure up?

GOT7 Greeted By More Than 7,000 Fans In Thailand

Features 08.26.14 | 12:11PM EDT

GOT7 recently wrapped up promotions in Thailand.

Insta K-Pop: This Week's 10 Best Idol Instagram Posts (Aug 18- Aug 23)

Features 08.25.14 | 05:55AM EDT

Bubbly eye candy for all of you K-Pop lovers

"Hitmaker" Released MV Of Big Byung's "Stress Come On"

Trendz 08.20.14 | 04:50AM EDT

MV video of Big Byung with gangsta song "Stress Come On"

K-Pop Mixtape: Boy Band Debut Songs

Features 08.19.14 | 11:04PM EDT

A playlist for those who want to know what their favorite idols sounded like at debut.

A New Trend Of 'Label Concerts' Is It Working And Will It Keep Working?

Features 08.15.14 | 06:22AM EDT

August 15 will be the day of the 'NOW FESTIVAL 2014' concert, the YG Family concert.

GOT7 To Release Photo Book From Their Trip To Malaysia

Headlines 08.13.14 | 06:37AM EDT

Fans of GOT7 will be able to see the idols in a new light with images of the group spending time together working and traveling

'JYP' Jo Kwon-Sunmi-Jackson, Selfie Together

Buzz 08.08.14 | 09:39AM EDT

2AM's member Jo Kwon, Sunmi, and GOT7's member Jackson revealed a picture taken together.

GOT7 Hang Out With Wooyoung & Park Se Young On 'We Got Married'

Stars on TV / Movies 08.06.14 | 11:20PM EDT

JYP Labelmates spend some time together on 'We Got Married'

Wooyoung and Park Se Young Bond With GOT7 on "We Got Married"

Trendz 08.04.14 | 12:43AM EDT

Forced to move out from their home. Park Se Young and Wooyoung stayed on JYP building

K-Pop Music Video Reactions Unite The International Hallyu Experience

Features 08.02.14 | 08:23PM EDT

YouTube brings the fun to fans through MV reactions.

IU, GOT7 And A-Pink Cheer On HOT Jack God RG

Stars on TV / Movies 07.30.14 | 11:40AM EDT

Singer IU cheered on Hot Jack God RG.

2AM Jo Kwon Takes Selfies With Other JYP Arists

Buzz 07.30.14 | 11:16AM EDT

2AM Jo Kwon shared selfies of the JYP family.

GOT7 Mark Says He Can Get Beaten By Youngjae If He Gets Close To Suzy

Buzz 07.29.14 | 12:24PM EDT

GOT7 member Mark said if he got close to miss A Suzy, he would get beaten by Youngjae.

Group GOT7 To Make Official Japan Debut This October

Buzz 07.29.14 | 08:33AM EDT

Boy group GOT7 will be officially making their Japan debut this October.

'Music Bank' Highlights: B1A4 Wins # 1 On The July 25, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

Headlines 07.26.14 | 03:16PM EDT

B1A4 wins their second first place trophy on last night's episode of 'Music Bank.'

'M! Countdown Highlights': B1A4 Wins #1 On The 10th Anniversary Episode + Performance Recaps

Headlines 07.25.14 | 06:40AM EDT

B1A4 wins huge as they took their first trophy on the 10th anniversary episode of 'M! Countdown.'

'Singer Game' To Put Starship Entertainment And JYP Entertainment As Rivalries

Stars on TV / Movies 07.24.14 | 01:56PM EDT

Starship Entertainment and JYP Entertainment will be rivals.

GOT7 Shows Endless Charm While Trying To Make Up With An Angry Girlfriend

Stars on TV / Movies 07.20.14 | 12:39PM EDT

Group GOT7 will be on the show KBS 'King of Ratings.'

'M! Countdown' Highlights: f(x) Gives K.Will A 'Red Light' And Wins #1 On The July 17, 2014 Episode + Performance Recaps

Headlines 07.18.14 | 06:52AM EDT

f(x) wins their first trophy on 'M! Countdown.'

GOT7 Member Update: 1st Japan Tour + New Single Is A Response To 15&'s 'Can't Hide It'

Headlines 07.16.14 | 06:51AM EDT

Rookie idols GOT7 have been very busy since their debut, and particularly this summer

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