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‘Mr. House Husband’ Reveals U-Kiss Eli’s Marital Financial Problems

By Rose | January 22, 2017 11:57 PM EST

KBS "Mr. House Husband" latest January 10th episode revealed the struggling difficulty of U-Kiss's Eli about his marital financial status. More so, the program opens the band member's heart to his fans about his wife and son. It's really a notable time for the fans to see another side of him! See more of how he deals with his current dilemma and how he is a married man.

According to Soompi, the band's rapper had a heartbreaking admission about his current financial strains in an episode of "Mr. House Husband." And, the lasts month are really a struggle for him, it is widely connected to his new family as well.

Everything started when he divulged about his China adventures, Eli's supposedly planning to become an action star when a scam snatched his dreams. It was only after he suppsoedly got into NH Media and debuted as U-Kiss's member when his life met good luck once again.

Notwithstanding, U-Kiss Eli's fame dimmed one more time as marriage controversy bombard his career. Although, the news was supposedly true and he only admitted it for some time now. In relation, NH media's talent struggled with his piling debts and with his role as a family man. Eli told the "Mr. House Husband" panelists that he received fewer works because of it which made things even harder.

Remarkably, Eli and his beautiful wife look positively with things! Continuing on, Allkpop shares latest "Mr. House Husband" episode where the couple is largely seen showing love to one another. They sweetly served each other jajangmyeon and lip-locked a lot of times despite the TV camera. More so, the show also highlights few times where he personally took care of his son.

In all, U-Kiss' Eli may not be backed up by his fans at the moment but he clearly preserves for his family. For more updates, keep following KpopStarz.

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