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[Album Review] Seohyun ‘Don’t Say No’ First Mini Album

By jasmooOnce | January 31, 2017 08:39 AM EST


Girl's Generation's youngest member Seo Joohyun, or many people and fans know as Seohyun, has finally released her first ever solo album. Her album "Don't Say No" has many aspects that I did not expect.

First was her title track, "Don't Say No." This song was not one of the things I would think Seohyun would go for. This song is more like Ariana-Grande-meets-Kpop type of song, and not in a bad way. Seohyun totally killed this style as she is as classy as ever.

The second track "Hello" is totally different form her title track "Don't Say No." This song has a guy featuring in it and it is more mellow and slower. It is another good song from the album.

"Magic" is definitely a sultry song. It is a really good song as Seohyun showed off her sexy side through it. The beat is really good and the chorus is very addictive. As Seohyun is enticing the listeners with her voice and repeating the title "Magic" in the chorus. Seohyun has also showed a different vocal talent with this song.

"Lonely Love" is a café type of song. With Seohyun's simple but very clear voice, the percussion and the acoustic guitar, the song is perfectly made. The verses are well arranged and are leading up perfectly to the chorus. It also reminds me of the 90s RnB-ish, acoustic songs. I would want her to sing this live in a very simple setting.

"Love and Affection" is another mellow song form the album. This song probably showed Seohyun's chops perfectly. The low notes and the high notes were sung perfectly by Seohyun in this song.

I am in love with "Bad Love." This is my favorite song in the album. I love the mysterious vibe it sends to the listeners. I also love that it is dark and slow it is somehow kind of creepy with the way Seohyun sings it.

Another amazing track in Seohyun's solo debut album is the last one, "Moonlight". It is slow but has the perfect beat to keep the song alive and not boring. Seohyun also sang the song in a whispery manner so it sounds sexier. This song is the perfect way to end the album because it leaves the listeners wanting for more.

This album definitely showed off Seohyun's vocals. We all know she is a great singer but I have a new appreciation to her talent because of this album. I am giving this album 4.5 out of 5.

Listen to her album below!

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