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Red Velvet Isn’t ‘Rookie’ Anymore With New MV Release

By jasmooOnce | February 01, 2017 12:24 PM EST


Red Velvet has proved that they are not rookies anymore with new title track, "Rookie" and its music video.

Red Velvet has released their newest music video and it's quirky and fun as ever. Allkpop has reported that the SM Entertainment girl group has come back with a distinct concept that only Red Velvet can pull off.

The music video is super colorful and very bright. It matches well with the funky and happy song that is "Rookie". The Red Velvet members look amazing in the music video, especially Irene and Joy. Fans totally enjoyed the weird but quirky music video. 

The music video ahs now almost two million views (as of writing). Meanwhile, the song "Rookie" is a fun and upbeat song that fits Red Velvet's 'Red' side more. It starts with Irene and Joy's sing-talk singing style then it gets better with Seulgi's singing then followed by Wendy's nice voice. Listening to it is like a roller coaster ride but fans got addicted with its hook chorus, repeating the word "Rookie".

Red Velvet has also released their fourth mini album with the same name, "Rookie". It has six tracks including "Rookie". Member Wendy has also a solo song in the album, titled "Last Love".

In a Netizen Buzz article, people seem to have the same opinion about the song. A commenter said, "It's one of those songs where you go wtf when you first listen to it and then get addicted after..." other comments were like that too saying that the song is so weird and quirky but will get you addictive once you repeat it.

People are also singing along to it after three to five repeats. Meanwhile, other fans and listeners are commenting about the music video. Many of them find it really beautiful especially the members. Many commented about how Irene looks ethereal, same with Joy.

There are also comments about Red Velvet's outfits. Saying it was not pleasing and some were asking if their coordi is their anti.

Watch the music video below and tell us what you personally think of it!

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