L.Joe TEEN TOP Finally Filed Lawsuit Against T.O.P Media To Terminate His Contract Find Out More Here

By Siti Fatimah | February 15, 2017 02:05 AM EST

Teen Top's L.Joe has finally decided to end the contract with T.O.P Media. He filed for nullification since he felt that the company didn't do their best to support his solo activity.

As reported by AllKpop, L.Joe contract was supposed to end in January 2018, but he decided to end it this year. He felt disappointment with the company since October 2016. At that time, he decided to have his solo activity but the company seemed to put limit on it.

The company seemed to not support him fully for his solo activity. When he was offered to be a part of drama "A", the company didn't make a good negotiation. Even though the staff contacted L.Joe first to be part of the drama; the company asked for 7 times higher of his price. Thus, it ended up the offer to fall.

It was surprising when he deleted all the pictures in his instagram and unfollowed other members of Teen Top. It was a hint for the fans that he was about to leave the group. Finally, he filed a lawsuit against T.O.P Media to terminate his contract last Feb. 9, according to a report from Koreaboo.

Debuting in 2010, L.Joe with other members has been through a lot of rise and fall. They have gathered fans from Korea and other countries. Yet, it seems that Teen Top need to go further without L.Joe. Previously, Niel has stated that it was likely that Teen Top renew their contract and have all the members together for a further career. Yet, this surprising news has shocked everyone.

L.Joe felt that the company didn't do well for him. He has stated before that he wanted to have his solo activity but they gave no plan at all. Moreover, with the case of the failure in the drama offer, the company led mistrust that couldn't be solved. Having all the problems piled up, he finally made his move.

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