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Hwayoung Defends Self, Warning Bashers to "Watch Themselves"

By Staff Writer | February 18, 2017 10:39 PM EST

It seems like the feud between T-ara and their former member Hwayoung is not over yet.  With bashers flooding her Instagram account with hate comments, Hwayoung is now on the defensive.

On Wednesday, Feb. 8, former T-ara member Hwayoung and twin sister Hyoyoung made an appearance in an episode on tvN's talk show "Taxi", reports Korea Portal.  During the show, Hwayoung spoke on T-ara's controversy that erupted in 2012 - the year Hwayoung left the group due to their alleged bullying.

Hwayoung shared during the show that what happened years ago could've easily happened to another group, and that she still didn't know how to behave in life. She also added that because of the "bullying" incident, she would cry a lot, would lock herself up in her room, and even lost a lot of weight.

Her twin sister Hyoyoung also shared on the show how Hwayoung would turn the TV on to watch music shows unendingly with no feelings at all. Hyoyoung was still a star during that time, and she said looking at Hwayoung's situation made her want to work harder.

But this alleged bullying however is not true, a former staff member of T-ara told Koreaboo. The former staff member said that Hwayoung is just lying about the bullying incident, and even posted a chat log from KakaoTalk.

The chat log involved Areum and Hyoyoung. Hyoyoung was apparently throwing threats towards Areum, saying that she would scratch Areum's face so she wouldn't appear on TV. Hyoyoung even called Areum a "B****".

The former staff member of T-ara also added that Hwayoung's leg injury was a fake. When Hwayoung would get out of the house she would have her leg cast on but the moment she enters the car she would then remove it.

This caused T-ara fans to flood Hwayoung's Instagram account with hate comments -to which she defended that what happened years ago were the result of them just being young at the time, and also being stupid on describing their emotions when they were not happy with each other.

Hwayoung also added "Maybe you'll be happy when we're pulling each other's hair out and this turns into a mud fight. Everyone leaving malicious comments you should watch yourselves first."

So who's telling the truth here - Hwayoung and Hyoyoung, or the former T-ara Staff Member? Leave your comments below.

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