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Rainbow’s Hyunyoung, Clazziquai’s Alex Call It Quits After A Year Of Dating: Is Large Age Gap The Trigger?

By Inayah Mulia Dewi | February 21, 2017 02:06 AM EST

Cho Hyun Young and Alex probably didn't off to a good start with their relationship this year. The couple seems couldn't hold their conflicts any longer agreed to call it quits after dating for almost a year and a half.

Korea Boo reported the former Rainbow idol and the Clazziquai vocalist's relationship are reportedly drifted apart because of their busy schedules. The couple thought maintaining a romantic relationship as well as their tight schedules as an idol is too much of a hard work. Thus, they decided to focus on their respective career instead. Even though Hyunyoung and Alex have decided to end their relationship, the former phenomenal couple agreed to maintain their good relationship as friends.

Hyunyoung's representative from Mama Creative has released a statement regarding the news. "After confirming with Hyunyoung herself, she has broken up with Alex and decided to continue their good relationship as senior and junior within the entertainment industry," said the representative.

Alex and Hyunyoung first declared their relationship publicly on October 2015. The couple gained a lot of attentions due to their 12 years age gap. People have predicted that the age gap will be the problem of their relationship and might eventually result in their break-up. However, the pair has confirmed that their decision to break up is not caused by the age gap issue.

Hyunyoung and Alex were able to maintain the romance for quite long until their conflicted schedule finally stood in their way and forced them to part ways. Now, they are moving forward to continue their career in the entertainment industry. Hyunyoung continues her career as a singer and actress after her group, Rainbow, was disbanded in October 2016. Hyunyoung has even participated in "Boarding House 24th Street" and "Rude Miss Young-Ae" Season 14. Meanwhile, Alex will still focus on his band, Clazziquai, although his group is trapped in a scandal since one of the members, Horan, was recently caught driving under alcohol influence.

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