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SNSD 10-Year Anniversary Comeback Is Still Under Discussion; Will Jessica Jung Join The Rest Of The Group?

By Inayah Mulia Dewi | February 24, 2017 05:56 AM EST

Super Junior's fans are not the only group of people who are excited to wait for their idols' comeback. SNSD fans, Sones, also burst into the hype when the great news about the comeback of one of the most prominent girl group in the history of Kpop. However, both the agency and the group still have a lot of things to discuss to make this comeback happens.

Lately, SNSD hasn't been making a lot of group performance. Instead, the girl group's members are focusing on their solo career. Taeyeon is probably the most successful member to make a solo endeavor since she's planning to make a K-pop comeback with a full-length album "My Voice". Sooyoung, Yoona, and Yuri mostly appear on the screen as actresses, while Tiffany and Hyoyeon are soloists to debut with their respective songs "I Just Wanna Dance" and "Mystery".

SNSD's comeback to celebrate 10 year anniversary could be one of the things that fans have been waiting for. However, the great news might not eventually be true since SM and SNSD haven't come to a conclusion that they're ready to come back on stage as a group with new music.

On February 23, SM Entertainment has released an official statement that the agency and the girl group haven't decided anything specific yet for the anticipated comeback, Soompi reported. SM Entertainment's statement was made to respond to recent reports that stated SNSD would be making a comeback to celebrate its 10-year anniversary

Previously, SNSD was rumored to make a group comeback sometime in July or August 3 this year, the same date the group released their debut track "Into The New World" in 2007. The legendary Kpop girl group was also reported to working on a new album to kick off this year.

If SM and SNSD are in to make an epic comeback for the group's 10-year anniversary, fans might want Jessica Jung to be included. Jessica departed from the group and agency back in 2014 after seven years. It sure will feel like something is missing if Jessica will not be included in SNSD comeback. Well, let's wait for the next update to find out whether one of the most anticipated comebacks of the year will eventually take place.

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