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KARD's Pre-Debut ‘Oh NaNa’ Hit 10 Million Views!

By AV | March 06, 2017 07:31 AM EST

KARD's "Oh NaNa" has reportedly now hit 10 million views! Beforehand, the MV of New DSP Media's KARD debut track that was released through several music sites, allegedly already exceeded one million views in a span of three days.

The group, according to Allkpop, has not actually debuted yet. Nonetheless, as they are going through the 3-step debut process, KARD has become an international sensation from the time their first song "Oh NaNa" was released. The groups popularity even extended second song "Don't Recall." Albeit "Oh NaNa" is still being well-loved by fans.

Accordingly, "Oh NaNa" reached number four in the US iTunes′ chart in the k-pop category and number 10 on Japan′s chart. It was apparently also listed on a variety of charts including France, and many more. Moreover, fans from all over the world have been posting feedback videos through the video site YouTube.

In other developments, Sweetsweetkpop posted that KARD's highly anticipated version of "Don't Recall" was reportedly released in Mar. 2 by DSP Media. The unveiled version allegedly carries the lovely harmonies from the co-ed group original version, except that the new version is in English.

The popular co-ed group was apparently invited by the After School Club on Mar. 1, where they divulge KARD's future activities.  Accordingly, they will be releasing one last single before the group's officially debut.

Pop! Goes The World reportedly also just announced KARD as first in the lineup for the 2017 Toronto Kpop Convention. KARD will be performing at the gathering in May 2017 at the Metro Toronto Convention Center. The group will accordingly will do their hits like "Don't Recall" and "Oh NaNa."

Each letter in the KARD name accordingly, represents a card and is attributed to a specific member of the group. The letter K corresponds to B.M, who represents the King card. J.sep is the A or Ace card, R or the Black Joker is Jeon So-min, and the D or the ColoreD Joker is Jeon Ji-woo.

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