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MAMAMOO Concludes 3-Day Concert: Members in Tears As They Thanked Fans For Their Love and Support

By Eddwyn A. | March 07, 2017 01:28 AM EST

MAMAMOO has concluded their 3-day 2017 MAMAMOO Concert Moosical Curtain Call on March 5: Members in tears as they thanked the fans for their love and support. (Photo : RBW Entertainment)


MAMAMOO's 2017 MAMAMOO Concert Moosical Curtain Call has finally wrapped up. Hwasa, Solar, Wheein, and Moon Byul thank fans with tears.

2017 MAMAMOO Concert Moosical Curtain Call, MAMAMOO's 3-day concert series, has finally concluded, reports Koreaboo. The concert ran from March 3 to March 5 in the Olympic Park's Olympic Hall, Seoul.

MAMAMOO's concert was successful as tickets were sold out immediately upon availability on Jan. 25. Tickets for 10,000 seats were all sold less than one minute.

MAMAMOO performed all of their hit songs, including "Piano Man", "You're the Best", and "Decalcomanie". Each member also performed covers of some well-known American Songs.

Hwasa covered Rihanna's "Diamonds", Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name", and her own song as well titled "My Heart".

Solar covered Justin Timberlake's "Sexyback" and R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fly". Moon Byul sang a new song titled "Pathetic" and will presumably come in their next album in the future.

Lastly, Wheein covered Destiny's Child's "Say My Name". She also performed a song she herself composed titled "Moderato".

MAMAMOO members were in tears as they expressed their appreciations and love towards the fans that have supported them since they debuted in 2014. Member Moon Byul, with tears in her eyes, also spoke about the group's hardships and how the fans helped MAMAMOO survive through them all.

In other news, MAMAMOO was under fire just recently as they were dressed like Bruno Mars and his all-male backup singers wearing blackface makeup. This controversy angered their Korean and international fans as well, according to Korea Portal.

"We are extremely sorry for our insensitive actions and use of blackface in our video while portraying Bruno Mars," said MAMAMOO in their immediate statement. "There is no excuse for what we did and there are not enough words to explain how regretful we are."

MAMAMOO also added how they love and care for all people of every color, race, sexuality, religion and gender. The group also expressed how sorry they were to have offended fans in the black community.



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